Something Good

The Fey Tarot

The Sun - Fey Tarot

When I pulled this card today, I knew that good news is just around the corner.

The Sun card is about vitality, pure clarity and happiness.  The picture shows a male fey laying on the field and staring at the bright sunlight.  He is hopeful and filled with dreams.  I noticed that he is wearing loose-fitting clothes.  He has an easy-going personality and he prefers to go with the flow.  He is not strict nor rigid.  By following this attitude, we can achieve a certain level of happiness or contentment within ourselves.

Today, I received my Bohemian Gothic Tarot (by Magic Realist Press).  I got my copy from a trader from Denmark (Aeclectic Trading Section).  It has come along way and is now tired from traveling.  But I welcome them now in my loving arms… =D

I inspected all the cards and I was glad that it’s a complete deck.  I was also amazed by the artwork.  I’ve only seen a few online scans but the rest of the cards are just amazing.  The cardstock, in my opinion, is perfect for rifle shuffling.  At first, I didn’t want to rifle shuffle this deck but I was tempted to do it.  And when I did, I thought it was magical!  🙂

While I was looking and admiring each and every card.  I noticed that my “Hanged Man” has a little print problem.  I thought it was just a smudge from a fingerprint or something but sadly it’s a permanent mark.  It’s a bit disappointing.  But I don’t want to kick myself just for one imperfect card.  I think I will just have to make do with it and realize nothing is perfect.  As I struggle in accepting this, I still emailed baba-prague and told her my situation.  Crossing my fingers here…

Deck:  Fey Tarot by Riccardo Minetti


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