Still Bothered

I’m still bothered by my Bohemian Gothic’s bad printing on the “Hanged Man”. I e-mailed Baba Store but I’m still waiting for their response.  I don’t know why, but just this one imperfection is affecting my whole perspective on this deck.

I paid a hefty price on it and I guess I’m expecting something really good.  This is my first deck from Magic Realist Press and I’m actually impressed by the rest of the cards.  I made my first reading with my Bohemian asking what our future relationship outcome would be.  I wanted to know if I should keep it or not.  And the 4 of Cups is what I got.

This card is about discontentment and boredom.  It’s actually the perfect card for what I’m feeling right now.  I really want this deck… and I want to hold on to it.  But I feel like my disappointment would not leave my thoughts.  I really do hope that the publisher will provide me with a replacement card.

On another note… I’m very happy that my first draw from this deck is very accurate.  The picture says a thousand words and I’m intrigued to see what the companion book has to offer.  Despite this little conundrum, I’m still hopeful for this deck.  =D

Deck:  Bohemian Gothic by Magic Realist Press


4 thoughts on “Still Bothered

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I am sometimes like that with just one or two cards in a pack that I might dislike. That slight inperfection can often stop me from wanting to use it. But the best way to get over that is to do just that – use it.

    I have had no contact with Baba studio for a long time, due to a silly disagreement many years ago, but I will say this for them – when I had a problem with my Bohemian Cats first edition, they were very quick to solve my problem and send a repacement card. They also added a few little extras in the package to make up for the inconvenience. I guess they are probably pretty busy at the moment, but be patient. I am quite sure, from experience, that they will soon get back to you and replace the card if they can.

    • Hi Steve. I just received an email from Karen and she said she’ll look up a spare for me. I really hope she finds one. I like this deck so much. The card stock feels great. I wish to get their other decks too… like the baroque and fairytale.

      I’m impressed by their quick reply to me. I like their customer service.

  2. I have always liked their cardstock choices. I have the Prague, Victorian Romantic, and Menagerie. The Menagerie is probably my favourite. They shuffle very nicely and the colours on the Prague are very good.

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