Gotta ♥ China

China Print Comparison

I’m so happy that my Deviant Moon (Chinese Print) is here already! I love the artwork on the OOAK wrapper. I think it’s very ingenious!

I immediately compared my Italian Print with this one and there are a few differences I’ve noticed.  One of the biggest change is that the new version has a matte finish and it has a thicker card stock.  I laid both decks side by side and the China Print is taller than the Italian.  The dimensions of the cards are pretty much the same but the thickness of the cards are different.  But in any case, I just wanna say how perfect the print quality is on the China version.

This is my first signed deck and I feel really good about it.  I can’t wait for the sister deck to be available!  ♥


2 thoughts on “Gotta ♥ China

  1. This is interesting to observe. I have the first one that came out, which is very glossy. I don’t like over glossy decks, so if I used the pack more than I do, the new printing sounds better for me.

    • The glossy ones are so slippery. Whenever I shuffle, something almost always slips and becomes part of my reading. The new one is easier… although thicker to hold.

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