My Energies Today

Using my Fey Tarot, I pulled these cards for today:

4 of Wands | The Fool | 2 of Pentacles

In the 4 of Wands, two fairies are decorating a tree with ribbons, bells and other trinkets.  They seem to be preparing for a special occasion.  It’s either that, or they are already celebrating it.  This is a card about stability, marriage, commitment, or completion.  It’s the perfect time to reward yourself for the hard work and efforts you’ve been doing.  This past week was so busy and considerably strenuous that I think I deserve a break.  I’m gonna be doing some shopping (both personal and gifts) today and just enjoy the weekend.  I will also meet up with a friend of mine from San Francisco and do happy hour in West Hollywood.

The Fool in the Fey Tarot looks very interesting.  His eyes are wide with curiosity and he’s not afraid of showing his admiration.  Wrapped around his body is a string of keys.  This goes to show that he is prepared and well equiped for his journey, but he still needs to learn where each key would fit.  The card is also about being carefree and spontaneous.  It’s funny because I pulled this same card when the same friend (Jason) visited me 2 months ago.  Last time we watched Kylie’s concert… but today, we’re just attending a signing of 2010 Calendar by Asian Men Redefined (@ Gym Sportsbar).

The 2 of Pentacles is just a reminder that I need to balance my schedule today.  I still need to do some organizing in my apartment and I can’t be out all day having fun.  The card shows a male fey holding a huge pentacle… and on top of it is a green fairy balancing herself using just one hand.  Pentacles are about the material and tangible things in life… and since I’m going to start doing my Christmas shopping, this card is also a caution to not overspend.  With all the holiday sales going on, even small items can add up.


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