Gone Mental

Ace of Pentacles

I’m done with with buying decks for 2009! That’s it. I caved in. I bought almost everything in my wish list so I can just get it out of my system. No more waiting. No more curiosity. This Christmas, I will get a ton of decks! Woohoo! And it will be mostly Magic Realist Press products.

So yeah, The Victorian Romantic and Tarot of Prague are on their way now. I got them from the Trading Section. The Baroque Bohemian Cats, I won’t buy it, but I requested it from Pat. I gave him the link to Baba Studio’s website and he liked it too. I think he’ll get a copy for himself as well. The Fairytale Tarot and The Fantastic Menagerie are are going to be gifts from mom and dad. LOL. Yowza!

I also purchased the prototype of The Infinite Visions Tarot (a self-published deck). The pictures are so striking that I knew I had to have it. The Dark Priestess and the Dark Magician are a welcome change to me. They are warning cards. It’s very interesting… so I’m giving it a try.

There’s more… I also bought The Light and Dark decks by Bolt Cutter Design. They are limited edition of only 100 prints… and of course, my impulsive nature just didn’t think twice.  It’s printed on an acid-free card stock and it’s not laminated.  For others, it’s a big concern, but my usage of tarot is very light and so I’m not worried at all.

I asked the cards, why I just did what I did. And I pulled the Ace of Pentacles.  I don’t read reversals, but I have a feeling that this reading is about the reversed meaning.  It’s about being happy with the material and tangible aspects of life.  It brings the feeling of happiness and security but to what extent?  Breaking the bank?  Feeling buyer’s remorse?  I’m not entirely sure.  But this card pertains to both the positive and negative.  The positive aspect of this card is that it does give me a feeling of accomplishment (as a collector).  I have to be honest.  I have the collecting bug right now, and my collection is just in the beginning phase.  But just after purchasing all these expensive decks… I feel content for now.  I feel the grounding energy of the pentacle.

The Sun

On another note, I pulled The Sun for today’s energy. I noticed that this card has some similarities with the Tarot of Marseilles. Just when I thought the Deviant Moon is based on the RWS… I’m proved wrong. I’m thinking that it’s a mix of both RWS, Marseilles and Patrick Valenza’s rendition of the tarot. We see two identical people dancing under the sun, naked. This is about being happy with one’s self. It’s about clarity, happiness, and contentment. The alternating straight and crooked rays symbolize the duality of masculine and feminine, and the integration of both. The wall acts as a protection from the outside factors that can break our contentment.

I’m amazed how this card actually reflects my feeling. I’m happy that I have a job. I’m happy that I’m healthy. I’m happy that I have someone who cares for me (and vice versa). So many things to be thankful for. And I need to keep that wall up so it can protect me. The sun’s rays are the blessings that I’m receiving everyday and I’m happy to accept them.

Deck: Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza


6 thoughts on “Gone Mental

  1. Congratulations on your decks. Like the ‘pentacle’, maybe we could see them all as seeds waiting to grow. Each has it’s own stories and style, soon to expand and develop.

    I look at the whole deck-buying thing in a few different ways. When I look back through my own experience, I remember times when I could have bought packs I really wanted, but which are no longer available – the Victoria Regina being just one – and I wonder why I didn’t just snap it up then. I guess this is similar to some of the decks you have just ordered, which many want but can not get hold of so easily. I have a Victorian Romantic Gold here in mint condition and am amazed at what I might eventually be able to sell it for now.

    But there can be a danger to deck buying. It becomes compulsive. There are some people on forums who receive a good six or so a week – every week. It’s not my business what they spend their money on, but I do wonder how any decent work is done with so many. For some, I think there is a fear of being left behind, without the latest fad.

    If your decks are looked after, they will become investments as well as good tools. From missing out on the original Templar, Vertigo, and Victoria Regina, I can understand why you have gone for these decks. I hope that they carry you through 2010 well!

    • I agree, Steve. The ace of pentacles is a beginning of something beautiful. I hope to really build a relationships with them!

      You’re so lucky to have the VR Gold. They’re so expensive now… and I hear that the card stock is unbelievable to hold. The Bohemian Gothic Gold too is another dream for me… *sigh* But I’m content with the standard for now. I’m happy.

      I felt bad too, when I let a few days pass without buying the William Blake in the tarot trading section. It was up for only $70 but I hesitated. Now, I feel like I should’ve just grabbed it. That was my regret.

      The other tarot decks you mentioned are beautiful too. Maybe that will be my hunt for next year. =D

  2. Bolt Cutter Light and Dark AND Infinite Visions??? Soooo, what’s your address again… 😉 I’ve been exercising remarkable control and passing up many wishlist decks. Why can’t I just have ALL the Pentacles?! It’s such a stunning card, that one!

    • LOL. Yeah, I think I went way overboard this time. But it’s all good. It’s Christmas! =D

      Congrats on your control submerina… that’s very good of you. It was my first time to see a limited edition of a tarot deck (namely bolt cutter), and when I saw the hype in AE… I just jumped right through it. Don’t wanna miss on it.

      The Infinite Visions (prototype) has a different typeface (font) compared to the regular deck. I’m still waiting for the actual deck to arrive but judging from the pictures, it does look a little bit like the Victorian Romantic. My only worry is that the cards are manually cut by the artist… so I’m not expecting a perfect cut on them.

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