Wish Card

Deviant Moon

9 of Cups

Remember my post about defying my tarot reading about getting the iPhone?  I pulled the 9 of Cups when I asked if it’s best to get it right now.  This card just confirmed that it’s OK.  The problem was, they can’t give me the discounted price because I just got a BlackBerry Bold (which was defective, mind you) last March 2009.  And if I insist on getting it, it would cost up to $600 just for the phone alone.  Well, the other option wasn’t explained to me the last time.

There is a way around it.  If I change my personal plan to a family plan and add a line, I can still get the phone for $199.  It’s a sweet deal.  And with my Employer’s 17% monthly discount, my total monthly bill would still be less than $130.

So anyway, I just got my new iPhone 3Gs 16G (white) and I’m guilt-free.  I miss the simplicity of the iPhone.  Now I can easily sync everything from my mac, surf with the enlarge-able safari browser, make use of Maps again, and try the new available apps.  I was totally crippled when I gave up my old iPhone.  I thought I could survive with the others, but there’s just something with me and Apple products.  LOL.

So do I blame the 9 of Cups for this purchase?  No.  I thank it.  And yes, I’m a mess.


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