Quick Delivery

Page of Cups

Page of Cups

I cannot stress strongly enough how I like the artwork of the Deviant Moon.  The unique drawings and bold colors are just amazing.  I love it.  And I don’t think I can ever get tired of using it.

Today I got the page of cups.  The picture shows a page holding a cup with a fish inside it.  He seems to be walking towards the coast so he can bring the fish to its rightful environment.  This card symbolizes that a gift/present is coming on its way or there is a message/letter that will be arriving soon.

I wasn’t expecting my Amazon and Tarot Garden orders to come so quickly today, but it did.  I haven’t mentioned these decks in my previous posts, but I’ve ordered the Fairytale Tarot (Lisa Hunt), World Spirit, Sweet Twilight and Witches Tarot.  I’m really happy that the artwork on all of them are spectacular.  But out of the four decks, the Fairytale and Sweet Twilight are my favorites.

The Witches Tarot is also good, but the court cards are so uncreative.  I mean, the pages, knights, queens and kings has the same facial/body structure… the only thing that makes them apart from each other are the clothing and the environment.  I wonder why the artist didn’t give much effort on those sixteen cards.

The World Spirit, on the other hand, has big dimensions.  My hands can hardly hold them while shuffling.  It reminds me of my Bright Idea Deck.  The art is beautiful but the cards are hard to handle.  If only I didn’t have tiny hands…


2 thoughts on “Quick Delivery

  1. I’m sooooo envious of your tarot collecting 😉 Curious to hear how you find reading with the World Spirit; everyone who uses it seems to get great, deep readings.

    Yes, the DM art is just stunning! If you haven’t got any of the prints yet, I guarantee you’ll absolutely LOVE the larger artwork.

    • Hi! I have the prints for the aces. And I had them framed! I’m such a dork (and an avid fan!). I will be getting them possibly today. =D I will post some pics soon.

      I also just recently purchased the 7 of Pentacles! It’s my favorite in the DM deck. Little witch and all!

      I like the artwork on the World Spirit, and I will probably enjoy reading with them too. It’s just hard to shuffle them with the rifle technique.

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