Bad Dreams

Santa Muerte Candle & Statue

I woke up today with some really bad dreams. Yes, it’s plural. My dreams were lucid enough that I can try to change them, but even the new dreams were bothersome as well. I didn’t have any scary images or anything like that, but they have a negative vibe.

Yesterday, Pat and I went to visit Templo Santa Muerte (located in Santa Monica, east of Western Ave) after dinner from Kyochon. We were curious about the Saint of Death. We were browsing the many selections of statues, candles and oils.

I saw this really cool litttle statue and I asked for assistance to see it. but when he pulled it close to me, we weren’t aware that it was tied to another statue. When she handed it to me, the other one was yanked and the other one fell. I felt so bad about it.

I didn’t buy the one that broke, and they didn’t ask me to pay for it. But I did get something else to compensate their loss. I got a blue candle, a small Santa Muerte statue, a rose perfume oil, and a little Mexican tarot deck.

The Mexican deck I got has some cute pictures but it’s so thickly laminated that it’s hard to shuffle without them sticking to each other. It has no name so I’m thinking it’s a private/independent published deck. I don’t know if I should keep it or give it as a gift. I’m still thinking about it.

Anyways, I’m not sure if my dreams were related to that incident last night. I wonder if my guilt from the breakage is haunting me in my dreams. I hope it doesn’t last long.


4 thoughts on “Bad Dreams

  1. Santa Muerte is a _VERY_ powerful lady to invite into your life and she will most likely beat you up a little to test your resolve before allowing you closer. In my experience, anyway 🙂

    • Is that how it is? Maybe it is a test…

      I believe that she is a powerful saint to pray to. I’m actually interested in learning more about her. I’ve seen both positive and negative articles about it, but the negative ones usually comes from the Catholic point of view (which is not unnatural).

      What’s your experience with her? Did you make a blog post about it? I know you did some posts about “Sekhmet”… but I haven’t seen anything about “Santa Muerte” yet…

      • My experience with Santa Muerte is completely independent of the Central American “saint”, because there’s no link for me to Catholicism, but there are similarities. I did a post on how I “met” her (, as well as a reading ( if you’re interested.

        I’ve read little bits here and there about Santa Muerte, but the one long article I found placed a lot of emphasis on her importance to women in the area of (spousal) faithfulness. Something to do with “binding” the man to them by winding a cord around the base of a Muerte statue. When you get down to it, it’s traditional magic which is why the church isn’t so keen on the whole thing!

        For me, she’s an extension of the “dark” goddess force that plays such a strong role in my life now. She’s a guide, primarily; a watcher.

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