Christmas Shopping

The World - Secret Tarot

What a way to start Monday! The World!

This card is always a good sign about completing something. I’m currently finalizing my Christmas shopping for my family. The day is still early and I can still scout the mall for good finds. I already bought my sister a Juicy Couture bag and my mom a Shiseido Skin Care gift package both from Nordstrom. My dad is so hard to find a gift for, so I’m taking my time on that. I’ll probably end up buying him a wallet or something.  So hopefully, I could finish my shopping today!

I also got a few confirmations from my email today… a lot of my orders are being shipped today.  The Bolt Cutter Light and Dark decks are on their way!  Plus, my Tarot of Magical Forest will finally be shipped to the right address… that deck has been going back and forth LA and Phoenix for almost a month!  USPS can be somewhat weird at times.

The Victorian Romantic (shrink-wrapped/unopened) is also on its way.  I’m lucky to find a backup copy of this lovely deck!  I ordered it from e-bay and for a while there, I thought the seller was a bogus!  He doesn’t give quick updates which made me worry for a little bit.  But now, he confirmed that the package left today.

The Tarot of Prague 2nd Edition, on another hand, arrived today!  What a beautiful deck it is.  I’m happy to have found this in the tarot trading section.  It’s still new and unopened.  I noticed it has an extra card called Prudence.  It has similarities with the fool, but this card is about being more careful and mindful before taking a leap.  So far, I’m happy with it and I can’t wait to start using the whole deck.  If only I could find a companion book for it.

Deck:  Secret Tarot by Lo Scarabeo


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