Lady in Black

Queen of Wands - Secret Tarot

I’m using the Secret Tarot (LS) for this week.  I noticed that this deck has the same lady appearing in almost every card.  I wonder if the whole deck is a story about her.

My card for the day is The Queen of Wands.  I didn’t recognize her when I saw this picture because the card looks so mellow and stagnant.  I usually see the Queen of Wands as having a lively and confident personality.  But in this card, she’s pale and lifeless.  Her back is slouched like there is no confidence at all.

I’m guessing that this card is showing us the weakness or the vulnerability of the Queen of Wands.  Yes, she is powerful, experienced and a force to reckon with… but she has insecurities too.  So yes, she is a queen sitting in a throne with a lovely black gown but she’s not afraid to show that she’s human too.

Today, I was working with someone with a similar personality and experience.  Very bossy, in fact.  I knew that she was the person my card is talking about.  It’s funny how I can see these courts easily now in my environment.

On a side note:  My Tarot of Magical Forest (Taiwan Version) is finally here!  No deck has made me smile and laugh like this before.  It has such a huge impact on me.  Not only did this deck travel from LA to Phoenix and back… and now it’s here.  I like having decks with a story.  =D  It just adds appeal to them.  I can’t wait to use and study this deck.

Deck:  Secret Tarot by Lo Scrabeo


3 thoughts on “Lady in Black

  1. I’m interested to see how the Secret performs for you. I see it is already up to its tricks from your page-ace-wands spread 😉

    I’m finally getting the Magical Forest eeeeeee!! I’m sure I shall be equally delighted!

    • I promise, you will love it. When you get it, try to look through each card, and I’m sure you’ll smile (even laugh)… I showed it to my bf and he wants to have one for himself! And he wants the Taiwan version too! It’s a light-hearted deck, cute but still true to the RWS meaning. I wanna see your reading with it too.

      • Being the crazy fan of kawaii that I am, there’s no way I won’t smile and laugh and squeal a little! I’ve read that it gives surprisingly deep – and sometimes dark – readings. You can see that all those cute little animals have a serious side underneath the fluff and cuddles.

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