Another Day

It’s so cool how these three cards seem to blend together.  The skies are all colored the same, like it’s all happening at the same time.  Here is synchronicity at play!

The Knave of Swords (renamed for Page) is the curious one.  She wants to know everything and has an inkling for knowledge and education.  She is a Knight-in-the-making.  The picture shows a lady holding a sword in her right hand, pointing downwards.  There is no threat in her way right now.  But she is scouting the field for any unsuspecting danger.

The Ace of Pentacle is here again.  Just last week, it showed up when I was using my Deviant Moon deck.  This card is about luck or a new opportunity relating to work and health.  As I have read in some books, it symbolizes a seed that will soon sprout.  In the background, we see a kingdom not far away.  I’m seeing this as a promise of stability if the pentacle is planted carefully and is nurtured well.

The 6 of Wands is a victory card.  A soldier is riding his horse with his people backing him up to show their support.  I like seeing this card… in fact, this might actually be one of my favorite cards in the whole tarot deck.  This and the four of wands (in any deck) are very comforting to my eyes.

This string of cards played really well in my work today.  I was given a chance to be more independent in my work area, my buddy-nurse is slowly giving me space… which I like.  The knave (or page) of swords is my continuous learning process.  I’m still in the orientation period anyway.  I noticed the energy of the six of wands when my colleagues started complimenting me.  It feels really good when co-workers acknowledge you for a job well done.  It brings my spirit up and makes my job a little less strenuous.

Deck:  Secret Tarot by Lo Scarabeo


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