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4 of Wands

Victorian Romantic

My first reading from the Victorian Romantic is one of my favorites… the 4 of Wands!

I have the Victorian Romantic Standard deck and I’m really liking it.  Just like my Bohemain Gothic deck, the card stock are made so perfectly.  Shuffling feels so magickal.  I think I’m definitely a fan of MRP from now on.  I mentioned it in my last post, but I will mention it again.  The customer service that I received from them by replacing a card from my Bohemian Gothic is amazing!  They sent me the replacement card without questions asked.  I was really satisfied.  Now I can love that deck even more.

Anyway, back to my reading.  In the 4 of Wands, I’m seeing a couple of stage performers.  They are obviously having a good time.  Two girls are dressed provocatively while one of them is wearing something conservative.  The companion book talked about seizing the moment whenever an opportunity comes.  In my understanding, it also talks about going against the norm.  In this picture, what is the norm?  Is the girl with the blue gown dressed more appropriate or is she defying the theme of their show?  Who knows?  All I know is she’s doing what she knows is right for her and she’s having fun.  The phrase/saying, “Life is too short” comes to my mind here.

Today’s events were very laid back.  I didn’t do any chores or worry about anything.  I went with the flow and hanged out with friends almost the whole day.  First, we had breakfast with a friend at Tahunga.  Then we went back at the apartment to read and chill out.  Then we were invited by some other friends to have dinner and watch DVD with them.  It was so relaxing.  Nothing beats a stress-free fun-filled weekend.

Deck:  Victorian Romantic Standard

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