Missing the Fam

10 of Cups

Victorian Romantic

This card made me think of my family.  Christmas is just a few days away and it’s hard not to be homesick.  I actually forgot the last time I spent my Christmas and New Year with them.  I think it started when I migrated from the Philippines.  Ever since then, we always just communicate through text messages, emails and sometimes… video chats.

I called my relatives in Arizona and updated them of my new phone number. It’s been a year since I left Arizona and I actually miss my little cousins. They’re the cutest ever! LOL. My aunt sounds a little sickly, or maybe she’s just tired. She said she’s going to have surgery next month due to a mass in her uterus.  It’s so sad to hear this news because I know that they’ve been going through a lot as well.  Her husband is working out of state (Texas) because job opportunities in Phoenix is scarce right now.  They just had a foreclosure also (like me), but they’re trying to keep this other one that they have.  Life is tough.  Right now, if I would do a reading for them, I’m probably going to get the Wheel of Fortune (just my hunch).

So anyway, the 10 of Cups is really heart-warming.  It seems like this event is from a baptismal or a birthday.  It’s a big event for families and friends to be together.  The LWB talks about appreciation for the simpler things in life.  Sometimes we forget that we have a lot to be thankful for… families, friends, career, etc.  Now is the time to get in touch with them and show gratitude.

Deck:  Victorian Romantic by Magic Realist Press

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