A Beautiful Gift


A beautiful gift from Mafalda Serrano.

I received a greeting from Mafalda Serrano with this image attachment.  What a beautiful card!  It’s such a perfect card for the up-coming Christmas and New Year.  The girl looks so peaceful and ambitious.  It looks like she’s imagining what her future holds.  Daydreaming and hoping for the best.  It’s what everybody is feeling right now since it’s the last week of the year.  Very beautiful!

I’m going to receive my “Light of the Goddess Tarot” soon.  She emailed me about the delay and that she didn’t receive a notice about my purchase.  She was glad I e-mailed her, which brought the situation to her attention.  But now everything is resolved and the deck will be shipped tomorrow!  I’m really excited about this deck.  The sample pictures online was so intriguing.  It has a Victorian feel with a little religious/spiritual touch.  I will soon know what this deck will bring me.

Just for fun, I tried the online reading.  I asked, “How should I deal with my obsession?”.  And what did I get?  “Death”.  I think I’m really going to like this deck.  Very upfront!  I’m excited to see the companion LWB.  I haven’t checked it out, but I wonder if there’s a companion book for this.  I’m seriously intrigued by this one.

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