Good Luck

10 of Cups

Victorian Romantic

My Victorian Romantic Tarot is loving me too much. In three days that I’ve been using it, I’ve only been getting the good ones.  For today, I pulled the 9 of Cups.  I was so impressed!

The 9 of Cups has been appearing in my personal readings a couple of times lately.  I’m not complaining!  I’d rather get this than a depressing one.  In this card, we see a guy looking at his pitcher.  We don’t know if it’s full or empty, but he doesn’t seem to complain.  If it’s full, then he’s ready to pour it to his glass.  If it’s empty, then he will just ask for a refill (if he is in fact in a pub or restaurant).  In him, we see contentment and happiness in simpler aspects of life.  I’m reminded of the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.

Today, I was called by my new insurance agent telling me that there’s a problem with my old policy.  He said that a claim has been filed last September 16.  I wasn’t aware of any claims so I called the respective people to inquire about this incident.  Long story short, the insurance company doesn’t have enough information about the matter and the lady that I talked with said that it’s the first time that this thing has happened (a claims report after foreclosure).  She said that she will review it tonight and it’s possible that the case will be closed anyway.  With the image of the 9 of Cups, I am hopeful that they will let this go.  I have a feeling that I will have good luck on this one.

Almost every book will say this, but this card talks about a wish being fulfilled too.  Isn’t this the most beautiful and most sought-after card in the whole tarot deck?  It just makes me feel so safe and supported.  The last time I got this card, it was a reading about having an iPhone as a replacement to my Sony Ericsson.  That came out good because I’m really satisfied with this new cellphone… no bugs, no complaints!

Deck:  Victorian Romantic by Magic Realist Press

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