My Transition

10 of Cups

Victorian Romantic

This is a late post, but I got the Six of Swords yesterday.  When I pulled it that morning, I’m not quite sure what it means.  I usually read this card as a physical travel or a transition of sorts.  But I wasn’t going anywhere since I’m working the whole day.

I just understood it when the day was over.  The companion book gave meanings of “going quietly through a transition” and “accepting a challenge without complaints”.  And that is what just happened at work.  I was assigned a case without having a second nurse, so I did pretty much everything on my own.  It was a start of something good.  Now I can do what I’m used to doing, without someone else getting under my skirt (LOL).

This is a really pretty image and I’m liking the companion book a lot.  The references to the paintings and artists are amazing.  I’m having more appreciation to arts!  Which brings my attention to buying Giclee prints.  Baba Studio has a lot of prints to sell but I can’t afford them all.  I can only dream.  But right now, I’m waiting for 3 prints from them.  I bought “The Lovers” print from the VR, the “Tarot Reader” print from the Baroque Bohemian Cats, and the “Strength” print from the Bohemian Gothic.  One from each will do me for now.  I’m excited to get them in hands soon!  I’m still pondering if I should frame them or not.  My walls are not big enough for them all.

Deck:  Victorian Romantic Tarot – MRP

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