Another Day

It’s so cool how these three cards seem to blend together.  The skies are all colored the same, like it’s all happening at the same time.  Here is synchronicity at play!

The Knave of Swords (renamed for Page) is the curious one.  She wants to know everything and has an inkling for knowledge and education.  She is a Knight-in-the-making.  The picture shows a lady holding a sword in her right hand, pointing downwards.  There is no threat in her way right now.  But she is scouting the field for any unsuspecting danger.

The Ace of Pentacle is here again.  Just last week, it showed up when I was using my Deviant Moon deck.  This card is about luck or a new opportunity relating to work and health.  As I have read in some books, it symbolizes a seed that will soon sprout.  In the background, we see a kingdom not far away.  I’m seeing this as a promise of stability if the pentacle is planted carefully and is nurtured well.

The 6 of Wands is a victory card.  A soldier is riding his horse with his people backing him up to show their support.  I like seeing this card… in fact, this might actually be one of my favorite cards in the whole tarot deck.  This and the four of wands (in any deck) are very comforting to my eyes.

This string of cards played really well in my work today.  I was given a chance to be more independent in my work area, my buddy-nurse is slowly giving me space… which I like.  The knave (or page) of swords is my continuous learning process.  I’m still in the orientation period anyway.  I noticed the energy of the six of wands when my colleagues started complimenting me.  It feels really good when co-workers acknowledge you for a job well done.  It brings my spirit up and makes my job a little less strenuous.

Deck:  Secret Tarot by Lo Scarabeo


Lady in Black

Queen of Wands - Secret Tarot

I’m using the Secret Tarot (LS) for this week.  I noticed that this deck has the same lady appearing in almost every card.  I wonder if the whole deck is a story about her.

My card for the day is The Queen of Wands.  I didn’t recognize her when I saw this picture because the card looks so mellow and stagnant.  I usually see the Queen of Wands as having a lively and confident personality.  But in this card, she’s pale and lifeless.  Her back is slouched like there is no confidence at all.

I’m guessing that this card is showing us the weakness or the vulnerability of the Queen of Wands.  Yes, she is powerful, experienced and a force to reckon with… but she has insecurities too.  So yes, she is a queen sitting in a throne with a lovely black gown but she’s not afraid to show that she’s human too.

Today, I was working with someone with a similar personality and experience.  Very bossy, in fact.  I knew that she was the person my card is talking about.  It’s funny how I can see these courts easily now in my environment.

On a side note:  My Tarot of Magical Forest (Taiwan Version) is finally here!  No deck has made me smile and laugh like this before.  It has such a huge impact on me.  Not only did this deck travel from LA to Phoenix and back… and now it’s here.  I like having decks with a story.  =D  It just adds appeal to them.  I can’t wait to use and study this deck.

Deck:  Secret Tarot by Lo Scrabeo

Christmas Shopping

The World - Secret Tarot

What a way to start Monday! The World!

This card is always a good sign about completing something. I’m currently finalizing my Christmas shopping for my family. The day is still early and I can still scout the mall for good finds. I already bought my sister a Juicy Couture bag and my mom a Shiseido Skin Care gift package both from Nordstrom. My dad is so hard to find a gift for, so I’m taking my time on that. I’ll probably end up buying him a wallet or something.  So hopefully, I could finish my shopping today!

I also got a few confirmations from my email today… a lot of my orders are being shipped today.  The Bolt Cutter Light and Dark decks are on their way!  Plus, my Tarot of Magical Forest will finally be shipped to the right address… that deck has been going back and forth LA and Phoenix for almost a month!  USPS can be somewhat weird at times.

The Victorian Romantic (shrink-wrapped/unopened) is also on its way.  I’m lucky to find a backup copy of this lovely deck!  I ordered it from e-bay and for a while there, I thought the seller was a bogus!  He doesn’t give quick updates which made me worry for a little bit.  But now, he confirmed that the package left today.

The Tarot of Prague 2nd Edition, on another hand, arrived today!  What a beautiful deck it is.  I’m happy to have found this in the tarot trading section.  It’s still new and unopened.  I noticed it has an extra card called Prudence.  It has similarities with the fool, but this card is about being more careful and mindful before taking a leap.  So far, I’m happy with it and I can’t wait to start using the whole deck.  If only I could find a companion book for it.

Deck:  Secret Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

Dream Analysis with Osho


Knight of Swords

I don’t have access to my Deviant Moon deck right now, so I just borrowed Patrick’s copy of the Osho Zen.  I wanted to interpret my recent dream.  The first card, answered my question “Why am I having these dreams?”.

In this card, it definitely shows that there is some conflict going on.  A guy is completely covered in his armor and he looks like he is ready to burst from anger.  In the background, we see a shadowy figure of two people fighting with each other.

I’m beating myself too much on something that is not completely my fault.  This card is totally about internal anger or guilt.  *Sigh*  I’m really thinking that this is related to the incident last night, where I (accidentally) broke a figurine of “Santa Muerte” in one of the local stores here.  They didn’t ask me to pay for it, but I feel like I should have insisted on paying for the broken merchandise.

I wonder if I should go back and ask them again?


3 of Swords

The next card answers my question, “What should I do in this situation?”

I got the Ice-olation (or the 3 of Swords).  I noticed that the second card is also an Air suit, which hints that it’s all in my head.  The picture shows a person trapped inside a block of ice.  He is slowly freeing himself by crying.  His tears are melting the ice that covers his face… and soon, his whole body will be free too.

It’s so strange because in my dream last night, I was trapped inside this basement of some sort and there are people who are guarding the exits.  I was actually worried that I won’t be able to get out of there.  I’m thinking that this card is about forgiving yourself… or asking for forgiveness in general.  Maybe I should visit the Temple of Sante Muerte again tomorrow and make a peace offering (or something).  Or maybe a simple prayer for her will do.

Deck:  Osho Zen Tarot:  The Transcendental Game of Zen by Ma Deva Padma

Bad Dreams

Santa Muerte Candle & Statue

I woke up today with some really bad dreams. Yes, it’s plural. My dreams were lucid enough that I can try to change them, but even the new dreams were bothersome as well. I didn’t have any scary images or anything like that, but they have a negative vibe.

Yesterday, Pat and I went to visit Templo Santa Muerte (located in Santa Monica, east of Western Ave) after dinner from Kyochon. We were curious about the Saint of Death. We were browsing the many selections of statues, candles and oils.

I saw this really cool litttle statue and I asked for assistance to see it. but when he pulled it close to me, we weren’t aware that it was tied to another statue. When she handed it to me, the other one was yanked and the other one fell. I felt so bad about it.

I didn’t buy the one that broke, and they didn’t ask me to pay for it. But I did get something else to compensate their loss. I got a blue candle, a small Santa Muerte statue, a rose perfume oil, and a little Mexican tarot deck.

The Mexican deck I got has some cute pictures but it’s so thickly laminated that it’s hard to shuffle without them sticking to each other. It has no name so I’m thinking it’s a private/independent published deck. I don’t know if I should keep it or give it as a gift. I’m still thinking about it.

Anyways, I’m not sure if my dreams were related to that incident last night. I wonder if my guilt from the breakage is haunting me in my dreams. I hope it doesn’t last long.

Quick Delivery

Page of Cups

Page of Cups

I cannot stress strongly enough how I like the artwork of the Deviant Moon.  The unique drawings and bold colors are just amazing.  I love it.  And I don’t think I can ever get tired of using it.

Today I got the page of cups.  The picture shows a page holding a cup with a fish inside it.  He seems to be walking towards the coast so he can bring the fish to its rightful environment.  This card symbolizes that a gift/present is coming on its way or there is a message/letter that will be arriving soon.

I wasn’t expecting my Amazon and Tarot Garden orders to come so quickly today, but it did.  I haven’t mentioned these decks in my previous posts, but I’ve ordered the Fairytale Tarot (Lisa Hunt), World Spirit, Sweet Twilight and Witches Tarot.  I’m really happy that the artwork on all of them are spectacular.  But out of the four decks, the Fairytale and Sweet Twilight are my favorites.

The Witches Tarot is also good, but the court cards are so uncreative.  I mean, the pages, knights, queens and kings has the same facial/body structure… the only thing that makes them apart from each other are the clothing and the environment.  I wonder why the artist didn’t give much effort on those sixteen cards.

The World Spirit, on the other hand, has big dimensions.  My hands can hardly hold them while shuffling.  It reminds me of my Bright Idea Deck.  The art is beautiful but the cards are hard to handle.  If only I didn’t have tiny hands…

Wish Card

Deviant Moon

9 of Cups

Remember my post about defying my tarot reading about getting the iPhone?  I pulled the 9 of Cups when I asked if it’s best to get it right now.  This card just confirmed that it’s OK.  The problem was, they can’t give me the discounted price because I just got a BlackBerry Bold (which was defective, mind you) last March 2009.  And if I insist on getting it, it would cost up to $600 just for the phone alone.  Well, the other option wasn’t explained to me the last time.

There is a way around it.  If I change my personal plan to a family plan and add a line, I can still get the phone for $199.  It’s a sweet deal.  And with my Employer’s 17% monthly discount, my total monthly bill would still be less than $130.

So anyway, I just got my new iPhone 3Gs 16G (white) and I’m guilt-free.  I miss the simplicity of the iPhone.  Now I can easily sync everything from my mac, surf with the enlarge-able safari browser, make use of Maps again, and try the new available apps.  I was totally crippled when I gave up my old iPhone.  I thought I could survive with the others, but there’s just something with me and Apple products.  LOL.

So do I blame the 9 of Cups for this purchase?  No.  I thank it.  And yes, I’m a mess.