Welcome 2010!


Fairy Tale

I think this is my first time to sleep from the countdown.  LOL!  I was so tired last night.  I had to work at the hospital and after that, I had dinner at a friend’s house until 2300.  Patrick and I went back to his place and I immediately went straight to bed.  That’s how exhausted I am.  I’m okay with missing the countdown though.  I felt like sleep is what I needed more.

My sister told me over our conversation last night that she wanted a reading for 2010.  She said that she would want me to use a Fairy Tale deck.  I have two… one from MRP and one from Lisa Hunt.  I test drove the two by comparing the stories from one of the cards (5 of Pentacles).  I wasn’t thrilled about the Lisa Hunt’s story but I was amazed at the MRP’s version.

I didn’t intend to read with this deck yet but while I was shuffling the cards… the Death card flipped and presented itself to me!  It’s very symbolic of the year that just ended.  So I read the fairy tale about “Godfather Death”.  I also searched it in google and found a very similar story, with just a few minor differences.  I enjoyed the story very much and I think my experience with this deck will be a fun start for this year!

Deck: Fairy Tale by MRP.


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