Deck Interview: Fairy Tale MRP

Deck Interview

What will you teach me?

Two of Coins – The Man Who had to Mind the House
This tarot deck is insisting itself to be a part of my favorite reading decks. Two of coins is about multi-tasking. So in this position, I’m assuming that she doesn’t want to be left untouched. Currently, I have the Deviant Moon in my mind as my Primary Deck Reflection deck, but this reading is seemingly suggesting that I should squeeze in some readings from this deck as well. I find the companion book very helpful in giving additional pointers. The fairy tales are fun to read too. It makes me feel young again! Reading the cards by its general meaning is okay but the stories provide in-depth learning. For me, this is multi-tasking on its own. The companion book is just a must while using this deck.

What I need to do?

Hermit – Bearskin
In this story, the man was challenged to be unkempt for 7 years. And if he passed, he will be rewarded. As a result, he became an outcast from the society. But after finishing his duty, he was well-rewarded with good fortunes. This card tells me to put time for solitude, meditation and contemplation. In the busy world of Two of Coins, I need to find time away from friends and other social commitments. Today, I started doing yoga again. This is a big step for me because I stopped for a long time. I can use this time to start connecting with myself again.

In relation to using tarot decks, this card is telling me to focus on one deck at a time. Like the story of the Bearskin, I should challenge myself with using only one deck. Ummm, no comment here.

What will our relationship be like?

5 of Wands – The Story of Kintaro, The Golden Boy
I just started using this deck and it’s already arguing with me. This deck is telling me that there will be some disagreements along the way. Maybe the interpretations will be harder? Maybe not? While the stories that I’ve read so far has resonated with me, I have a feeling that I won’t agree on every single story that will be presented.


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