More Decks

I have been very busy finishing a reading for my sister. I did a 10 card (Fairy Tale) tarot reading and a 12 card Angel Oracle reading for her. I forgot how hard it is to actually make a reading and transcribing everything on e-mail.

I’m finally getting caught up on my insane orders last month.

Here are the new addition to my tarot collection:
1. Light of the Goddess Tarot – I love the beautiful art, companion book and the velvet cloth that came with it.
2. Diary of a Broken Soul – Another dark deck in addition to my Bohemian Gothic and Shadow Oracle.
3. Hudes Tarot – I’ve heard so many good things about it, especially the Death card.
4. Ancient Tarot of Lombardy – I love the old feeling of this deck, but I’m disliking the minors.
5. Tarot of the Angels (Llewellyn) – To assist with my angel communication. It has a beautiful artwork!

Now I only have two more decks to wait for.  The Sakki-sakki and Buckland Rumini Tarot. After these babies arrive, I can finally slow down and savour them. I will do my best to cease from buying this month. Except, of course, if the new Patrick Valenza deck is released this month.

Before I end this post, I just want to mention that I’m thinking of renovating my blog. I want to upgrade my account and change the whole look. First I will try and understand CSS and HTML codes. But if this prove to be time-consuming, I will probably hire help. I haven’t started my Primary Deck Reflection posts yet but I will push myself in doing it no later than this week. Wednesday is my day off. I will use that time to actually make some reasonable goals (both tarot and personal stuff). My month is starting slow but it’s a great start nonetheless.


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