Laundry Shmondry

6 of Swords

Fairy Tale MRP

Something funny today, I drew this card while waiting for the stop light to turn green.  I know it’s unsafe but I was meaning to draw a card when I get home today but Patrick called me to have lunch with him, so I had to change plans.  Having my Fairy Tale tarot deck in my bag, I took it out and shuffled it during stops.  Then after the third stop light, I cut it quick and pulled this one… viola, the six of swords!

I don’t know this fairy tale, so I will interpret this intuitively.  I saw a girl sewing clothes inside her room while she watches six swans fly by.  She is busy being alone doing chores and responsibilities but she is missing the beauty that is happening outside her little room.  This reminded me of my chores that I needed to do today.  But I just can’t say no to Patrick’s lunch invitation so I accepted it.  I was pretty much outside of my room and ignoring my laundry and paying attention to the beautiful swans… or the beautiful things in life (like free lunch and shopping).  *sigh*  But now I’m back to my apartment and I’m ready to start my intended plans for today.  Well after this entry of course.

Deck:  Fairy Tale Tarot by MRP


3 thoughts on “Laundry Shmondry

  1. If it’s the same fairy tale as I’m thinking of, the girl’s brothers have been changed into swans and she’s making them magical shirts to change them back into humans. But she doesn’t finish the last one in time and it’s missing a sleeve, so that brother is left with one wing.

    Did I win?! 😉

    I like your interpretation though. It shows how the “proper” meaning of the card isn’t necessary to read the card – it means exactly what it should mean at any given time for any situation.

    • Yes, you got it! It’s a beautiful story actually.

      I find that in the fairy tale tarot, the pictures are enough to tell a story. Although the lessons from the fairy tales are helpful as well.

      An example of this is when I pulled the four of wands for a reading to my sister. I can’t think of a traditional meaning to read it with. The fairy tale is “The musicans of Bremen” and the picture shows four animals looking for their new home. And this is how I saw her doing for this year. She will be living independently soon, and part of that is finding her own space.

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