Healing with Yoga

StarI wanted to meditate on a card tonight and so I turned to my Bohemian Gothic again and shuffled the cards.  After so many shuffles and cuts, I pulled “The Star”.

Instantly, “yoga” came to mind (Doesn’t she look like she’s stretching?).  I just got home from yoga and I feel wonderful!  This is my second day of practice and it was a big step for me to come again.  I was contemplating of not going and just go home.  But then I realized that I won’t be doing anything productive anyway if I go home early so I just pushed myself in going.

I paid for a two week unlimited yoga and I want to challenge myself in going everyday.  It seems intimidating but seriously, it’s not.  I actually find the breathing and poses to be relaxing.

It’s so cliche to say that I’m doing this because it’s the new year.  But I’m really just doing this for myself.  It’s been a while since I’ve taken responsibility for my health and now I’m taking in charge again.  Yoga is in my priority right now… next will be focusing on the right diet.  I’m very hopeful that I will be in better shape again for this year.

Deck:  Bohemian Gothic Tarot by MRP


6 thoughts on “Healing with Yoga

    • Home yoga practice is good too. I bought a few yoga DVDs last year, and it’s very helpful too. I’m less than a mile from a yoga center now so I don’t have any excuse not to go anymore. =D

    • Thanks Helen! Yes, I think I’m starting the year right. But there’s so much more to fix… right now, I’m just focusing on getting back to yoga, then I will proceed with more changes.

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