Remembering my Family

I just got home from doing yoga.  It’s my third day in a row!  Congratulate me… =D

Anyway, I felt like reading with my Bohemian Gothic before going to bed so I shuffled the cards and pulled out the 10 of Cups!  At first, the picture drew a blank from me.  So I thought of the traditional meanings, like a possible family reunion or get together, and finding inner peace and happiness.

This is very unlike the usual 10 of Cups that I’m used to.  In the card’s depiction of 10 of Cups, we see a family but they are widely apart from each other.  The father is looking away from the mother and child.  The mother, on the other hand, is looking at him and possibly trying to get his attention.  Then there’s the older kid at the background, feeling neglected.  The energy shows that the family’s presence is there, but something needs to be worked out so they can bring each other closer.

This is probably out of topic (or maybe not), but my dad’s birthday is in three days.  He lives outside the country and so I can’t greet him in person on his birthday.  I’m reminded of the distance that I saw from the card.  It’s a bit sentimental really, but this is the story of my life.  Anyway, I sent something through western union today.  The guy said that it will only take a day before he can withdraw it.  I hope he likes it!


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