Break Time

Yesterday, I had the most painful headache.  But I still went to work and just took some pain pills.  It was bizarre because I don’t usually get migraines or anything as painful as that.  I’m not quite sure yet what caused it but it may be from poor sleeping positions… I tend to sleep prone and I’m probably putting some strain on my neck or something.

Having said that, I didn’t attend the yoga class yesterday and today.  I felt like my body just needs a break from any physical stress.

Although I didn’t practice yesterday, I did go to Ma Durga Temple and joined the New Moon yagna.  Patrick told me about this event and invited me to go with him.  This event was about offering something to the gods and making a wish.  It was my first time to attend a Hindu ritual like that.  It was very interesting.  I like the part where we gathered outside the temple, burned Agni, and sent our wishes to the universe.  The energy felt really good.  We are planning to go again next month for the same ritual.

As for my Primary Deck Reflection… I still haven’t done one for this week.  I’m still not sure which spread to use but I’ll come up with something tomorrow.  Today is just about lounging, watching DVDs and reading books.  I also just received my Kindle yesterday and I’m so happy with it!  It’s been keeping me busy this whole afternoon.  Guess what my first e-book purchase is?  Mary K. Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card.  I wanted to go green this year and this will be a good start.  =P


4 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. While the notion of a Kindle is intriguing, there’s just something about the feel of a book in my hands. And where would I scribble all my notes, like I do in books like MKG’s 21 Ways?

    The ritual sounds lovely. Now get back to that yoga practice!

    🙂 Leigh

    • Hi Leigh! Yes, I’m feeling much better now. I won’t miss yoga this time.

      I love paperbacks too. And I don’t think I can go 100% electronic. But I’m liking the idea of taking hundreds of books/magazines/newspaper with me in one device. Right now I only have 2 books downloaded but hopefully it will grow into a library of its own.

  2. Is the Kindle hard on the eyes? I can only manage the AT forum short bursts at a time and looking at the computer screen all day gives me tension headaches. Still, there is something nice about portability. I don’t think it would be the same putting my nose up to a Kindle, though (chronic book inhaler here!).

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