PDR: Charlotte Mason Spread

Charlotte Mason

I used Tarot Dame‘s Charlotte Mason spread for my second primary deck reflection.  The format goes like this:

1.  Something to Think About – 9 of Cups

2.  Something to Do – 9 of Pentacles

3.  Something to Love – 4 of Wands

Together, the cards speak of comfortable living, fulfilled wishes and prosperity.  I love seeing all of them together.

The 9 of Cups made me think of a lot of things… One is the wish I made last Friday.  I went to Ma Durga Temple and joined the New Moon yajna (prayer chanting).  We offered fruits to the Hindu gods and wrote our wishes on a piece of paper.  We went outside, prayed to Agni (Hindu god of fire) and burnt our wish letters.  One of the requests I made is to have a peaceful family.  For us to be united and binded with love.

Another thing I want to think about is the “evil eye”.  I happen to have an evil eye apotropaic in front of my computer.  I can’t help but notice the blue eye in the genie’s torso and find the resemblance.  I never noticed it before, but now it seems prominent.  The third eye for me symbolizes the spiritual guidance.  But the evil eye on his body reminds me of spiritual protection.  I’ve been trying to do some visual meditation (for a few days now) using the “Violet Flame” and it involves invoking a tube of light around me.  The tube of light is suppose to protect the one praying from dark energies.  I need to keep this in mind all the time.

The 9 of Pentacles is something that I should do.  This is about having a luxurious lifestyle.  The lady in this picture is clothed with a beautiful dress and is surrounded with pentacles (money).  Like me, I’ve been doing some serious shopping lately, which is not good!  Traditionally, this card is about financial prosperity and abundance.  Another thing to consider is the chained pet of hers.  It’s a stone bird (or something).  The chain is about control.  This reminds me to do an actual budget.  I’ve been delaying this for a long time and I must not ignore this any longer.

The one to love is the 4 of Wands.  In this picture, I see a couple walking hand in hand towards their home.  I think this card is telling me to be thankful about my current relationship and my living situation.  I’m really blessed to have the things I need and want within reach.  I have work, a relationship, an affordable apartment… everything seems comfortable right now and I should give thanks for that.


5 thoughts on “PDR: Charlotte Mason Spread

  1. Forgive me if I’m going too far here, but this is something that sprang to mind when I saw the 9/P and I feel I should share it with you:

    I see the chained stone skull-angel as a reminder that luxuries/possessions are weights that can drag you to your grave, and then you can’t even take them with you! Her mask supports this: luxury can be the illusion of happiness, when really, it upsets your balance (try having a wheel for a foot!)

    The mask also obscures your vision – you can only see what is exactly in front of you and may therefore miss the _true_ luxuries of life. The factory behind her is the source of her physical wealth, but at what cost?

    As I said, this might have nothing to do with you. I tend to get these flashes of insight, regardless of whether they are appropriate or not 🙂

    • Wow, that’s a great interpretation for that card. I totally missed the mask part. At first, I thought that was a part of her face. Thanks for giving that meaning (mask from true happiness). And you’re right about that winged skull too. It does look like it’s adding weight to her, flying down instead of up.

      I keep seeing the 9 of pentacles from any deck I use. I swear. May it be Victorian Romantic or even the Fey Tarot. I guess it’s a continuous battle with me. I have this poor judgment when it comes to buying stuff. I have a buyer’s remorse in one of my recent purchases… Oh well. I really need to get my finances in check… lol.

      • Isn’t that one of the great things about tarot? Next time you see the card, it *will* be her face and the skull will be flying upwards!

        Seems like the 9/P to you is as the King/P is to me 😦 I did a read on it today and will probably have to do a few more to completely understand what’s happening. If your buyer’s remorse ever regards decks, just let me know before you put them up for trade at AT 😉

        I did my own re-evaluation re: motives for buying/accumulating decks. The Empress told me that it’s okay for me to gather things if their beauty gives me joy, because their absence is not a loss and won’t cause me sorrow. But if I collect purely for the “having”, then no matter how much I collect, it will never make me happy and every absence will be a weight on my soul (much like that skull “purse”). REALLY helped me to curb my deck madness!

  2. I agree with you. And yes, I will de-clutter sometime this year and put stuff on sale. I’ll let you know if I do decide on selling.

    Yup, my buyer’s remorse was from a few decks. I thought I was buying the “Quantum” but then I realized it was “The Quest”. I don’t know what I was thinking. And this came in a bundle of other decks… which I thought was a good deal since the quantum is included in it. It’s my own fault and it’s too late now, I have them already.

    I will be more objective on my future purchases. So far, I’m just waiting for the Buckland Romani and Anna K. Tarot (I was one of the last people to buy the last stock). I have high hopes on them, based from reviews.

    • Oh no! That *is* disappointing 😦 But I’m sure you’ll make someone’s day if you decide to trade/sell the “Quest”. It’s so tricky too knowing if a deck you love in digital format will have the same impact once you hold it in your hand. Live and learn, shrug and go on. I plan on releasing my LS Universal back into the wild soon for this very reason.

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