The Sage of Coins

Today, I pulled the Sage of Coins (Gay Tarot of Lee Bursten). He looks like a very nice and down to earth guy. Just minding his own business, working peacefully, concentrating on the job at hand. His hobby=gardening is his form of meditation, a grounding activity for him that separates his other activities outside his home.  The fence in the picture confirms this meaning.

The Sage of Coins is the alternative to the King of Pentacles.  In this card, we don’t see the royalty that is associated with the kings.  Instead, we see a regular older man who is in his backyard and taking care of his own garden.  He doesn’t wear fancy clothes and he doesn’t have helpers to tend the garden.  The “down to earth” aspect of this king is very obvious.

To be honest, this card reminds me a little of myself.  If my friends would describe me, I would assume that one of the descriptions would be “down to earth”.  Yes, I am prone to shopping, I admit that.  But most of the things I buy are nothing out of the ordinary.  Plain tees, hoodies, sweat pants, jeans, etc.  I’m not very fashion conscious.  When it comes to activities or hobbies, they’re also very boring.  I like to read books, learn the tarot, rent DVDs, etc.  I’m not like the same guys my age, where they like to party and drink and play sports, or anything “normal”.  I’m kinda nerdy actually.  Sometimes when people ask me what I do on my days off, my answers tend to be boring and unusual… and they are surprised by it.

Anyway, this deck is proving to be a good meditative instrument for me.  The images are not traditional and so intuition plays a big role here.  I want to use this deck more often from now on.


2 thoughts on “The Sage of Coins

  1. I took a look at the images from this deck. I love it! From what I’ve seen of the images, I think it’s why I would also like the Morgan tarot. Scenes of everyday life, nothing fantastical or trippy, with just as many nuggets of wisdom to be gained. Just down to earth LIFE.

    • Hi Kafkasghost! Thanks for the comment. I love the simplicity of the gay tarot. It has subtle symbolisms which are fun to unearth.

      I’m also waiting for the re-print of the Morgan Tarot… it would be a fun reading tool! I saw some readings by Tarot Dame in her blog and it looks fresh/interesting.

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