Gifts Received

Card of the day:  3 of Cups (Gay Tarot by Lee Bursten)

The picture shows a water fountain with a statue of three dancing women, each holding a cup.  They resemble the traditional image of RWS’s three of cups.  What’s fascinating is the brother-sister relationship shown underneath the fountain.  The siblings are raising their ice cream like doing a toast.  The little kid is holding a balloon, which may signify that she is celebrating something special (possibly her birthday).  The prominent color in this card is green.  The brother is wearing green overalls, the little sister is wearing a a yellow-green dress, and they are surrounded by lush green grass and trees.  Green is associated with healing, growth, peace and harmony.  This strengthens the meaning of this card.

Today, my mom texted me that they received my package that I sent last month.  Due to the busy season, they just received the package I sent for Christmas.  She said they are enjoying my gifts.  My sister is still in school and hasn’t seen the Juicy Couture bag (and other goodies like the Vanessa Tarot) I sent her, but I’m sure she will like them as well.  I’m really happy that the package was delivered safely.  I was beginning to worry because of the huge delay.  But all is well now.