PDR: 1 Card, 21 Readings

6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles

I recently downloaded “Mary K. Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card” on my Kindle.  I started reading it yesterday and the first thing I have to do is to pick a card out of a three card reading.  The cards that turned out to be needing attentions are:  6 of Pentacles, Knight of Wands and 7 of Wands.

Out of the three, I was debating on the 6 of Pentacles and 7 of Wands.  The 7 of Wands is about getting out of an obstacle and surviving a challenge.  This one seems to resonate with me.  But the 6 of Pentacles also holds a meaning for me.  It’s something that I haven’t been doing, and needs to consider starting.

I won’t be entering all 21 activities here but I just thought it’s worth mentioning it as a PDR entry.  I will be writing the rest of the readings in my personal journal (yes, I do keep something private too…).  The 6 of Pentacles shows a well-dressed older person visiting a cemetery.  He seems to have a harsh demeanor judging by his tough/hard-looking exterior.  His body, clothes and cape all look like they’re built from metal… they’re hard and cold.  But all this is just a facade.  Deep inside, there’s a kind heart hidden from view.  He extends one pentacle to a lost soul thus shares a part of himself, showing generosity and selfless action.

I also like the color symbolisms in his clothes.  Black can symbolize death and loss.  In this case, something is lost so you can give it away… like losing money to give as a donation (or losing personal time to give someone attention).  Red speaks of love and passion.  This drives the action with great effort.

In this exercise, I did a mix of objective observation and subjective assumptions.  I’m curious on what else I will learn from this book.  I’m actually excited to read the other steps in reading this card alone.

Deck:  Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza