Silly Confrontations

I’m using my Baroque Bohemian Cat’s Tarot by MRP for this week.  This was given to me by Patrick so this deck holds special to me.  I shuffled it multiple times and this morning, I pulled the 7 of Wands.  Not one of my favorites.  I just saw this from my last PDR spread and now here it is again, but from a different deck.

The picture shows a cat defending himself from attackers.  He is on a balcony and there is a dividing gate between him and the six of wands… this gives him some sort of protection and advantage.  As the the offenders come closer, he waves his wand in a defensive manner.  Beside him, there is a statue of two kids that seems to be fighting.

Today, I had two “not so pleasant” experiences.  One was a notice from my bank about a late fee.  It was just last Friday and so I called customer service if they can waive it.  They said they don’t do courtesy waiving of fees anymore.  I told them I’m a good customer, etc. but they still gave me a hard time.  It was a losing battle for me.  And when I thought it was over, I had a little confrontation with a sales lady tonight.  I parked my car in a lot outside Massage Envy and I closed one car from exiting.  I was meaning to leave my keys to the front desk so they can valet if someone moves.  But they told me they don’t do that anymore and it’s best to find a side street parking instead.  So I went back to my car and found this outraged sales lady… long story short, we had a little quarrel… she even told me she called the towing company!  I was out only for a few minutes… my gosh!  That kinda ruined my massage… So annoying…

Anyways, I’m OK now.  The night is getting better and our friend invited us for dinner… everything is well again.  I hope tomorrow is somewhat quieter.

One thought on “Silly Confrontations

  1. I am not fond of that card either, AJ. I remember being dragged over the coals by a friend the last time it hit my daily draws. Not a pleasant experience, the 7 of Wands. But it does show us in a position of advantage and lets us know we have the ability to defend ourselves, which it seemed you did. Hope you are feeling less stressed and it’s energy didn’t follow on to your dinner!

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