Decisions, decisions

Yesterday, I got the Justice card.

The cat in this picture wields a sword in its right hand and a scale on the left.  This is a typical representation of the RWS image.  The sword symbolizes the mental aspect of making a rational decision and the scale weighs the value of what is being decided on.  The traditional meaning is about fairness.  While no legal issues came up yesterday (thank goodness!), I can relate this Justice card on making big decisions, making adjustments, and making things right.  Yesterday, my two-week unlimited yoga membership expired.  At first I debated with myself wether I should join or not.  It was $100/ month so money is quite a concern.  If I do join, I really have to commit myself in attending classes… at least three times a week.  I’ve decided that the health benefits of doing yoga outweighs its monetary price.  So there!  Kudos for me.  =D

Today, I received The Chariot.

In here, the cat is maneuvering the chariot .  I see this card as taking control of your life… being focused and making things move forward.  Nothing major happened today, but I did realize that my day went by so smoothly.  Work was easy, no stress, it was perfect.  When I got home, I also cancelled a pending tarot purchase!  I usually don’t turn down these things, but now I’m sticking on items that really resonate with me.  It’s time to focus on decks that I currently have.

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