Ew Day


Another major card from the Baroque Bohemian Cats.  I knew this day will be somewhat difficult.  And it was.  I’m so glad the day is over.  I was so annoyed at work today… like it was the complete opposite of yesterday.  Stress everywhere.  I think I was frowning all day… ugh!

All day long, I was reminding myself… “be strong, be strong”… but it’s so hard to keep focused when everything around you seem to be falling apart… LOL.  It sounds so dramatic but that’s how I felt at work today, like everybody is testing my patience and focus.

I’m off tomorrow though so that’s something to look forward to.  Tonight I went to The Grove and I was blessed with a free movie screening of “When in Rome”.  I saw Jon Heder in person too… kinda cute… lol.  I think that was the highlight of this day… something fun and rewarding after some tough times.

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