PDR: Starting my Client Profile

Hamilton's Reading

Hamilton's Reading

This reading is an inspiration from Tarot Eon‘s post about creating an imaginary client profile for practice readings.  His post is located here.  I also saw Helen’s comment that she used to do readings with her teddy bear… I think it’s really cute!  So…

I want to introduce Hamilton, my teddy bear.

He is from the mystical land of “The Grove”.  He is currently living a simple life, a homebody.  He considers himself a loner, but this year he wants to change that and wants to meet new friends!

He never knew his real family.  He was adopted when he was still very young.  While his step parents aren’t anywhere near him, he tries to call every now and then.  He has two brothers and a sister, but they’re all in different parts of the world now.  He misses them so much.

His hobbies include fishing, biking and people-watching.  His favorite music is Classical.

He has no experience with any tarot reading at all.  When I offered, he was very curious as to what he can learn about himself.  He has no expectations with the reading though.

He said he wants to have a general reading for now.


I decided to do a past, present, future spread for him.

Past – 2 of Swords:  You were in a situation where you had to decide on something really important to you.  The process took so much energy which exhausted you to a point where the decision took longer than it should be.  The consequences were so grave and you were afraid to make a mistake.

Present – 4 of Wands:  Whatever you chose in the past, it led you in the right direction.  You are now in a a better and stable life.  You found a nice home for yourself.  You said you wanted to meet new friends, and I think that will come sooner than you think.  A new partnership is a possibility.

Future – The World:  The future is looking bright for you.  Plans and projects will come to a conclusion and new ones will arrive.  You will be supported by your friends and family.  A celebration of some sort is on its way.  Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re obviously on the right path.  You will soon find the happiness you are looking for.

I drew a card from my “Deck of Shadows” oracle as an extra clarification or advice.  I drew “Dreams” which has the keywords Wishes, Guidance and Desire.  The symbol for this card is a star.  This card is telling you to keep dreaming.  Everything is possible and within reach.  The world is full of miracles!  Don’t let things get in between you and your fantasy.  Keep motivating yourself.  With strength and focus, nothing will be ever stop you.

He seems excited with his future, especially with the upcoming partnership that I mentioned .  So many possibilities for him.  Now he wants more readings from me…  I’m glad he enjoyed it!

Decks:  Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza and The Deck of Shadows by Scott Grosberg

17 thoughts on “PDR: Starting my Client Profile

    • Thanks for sending me these links. It’s amazing because I do see the reading for my stuffed animal as a reading for myself as well. The two of swords and four of wands has been appearing in my personal readings… and the World is very significant too (hopefully).

  1. What a fabulous idea, I’ve got a few ‘friends’ that may enjoy getting a reading!

    I had to laugh at Helen’s comment. I actually met the “real” Fred Bear many years ago, when his museum was in Michigan.

    🙂 Leigh

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  3. A-frikkin-dorable! 😀 And such a great reading too. Hamilton seems to have a very bright future ahead of him. This also reminds me that I meant to read for Hello Kitty! Maybe I’ll do a Valentine’s spread for her? 😉

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