The Sage of Coins

Today, I pulled the Sage of Coins (Gay Tarot of Lee Bursten). He looks like a very nice and down to earth guy. Just minding his own business, working peacefully, concentrating on the job at hand. His hobby=gardening is his form of meditation, a grounding activity for him that separates his other activities outside his home.  The fence in the picture confirms this meaning.

The Sage of Coins is the alternative to the King of Pentacles.  In this card, we don’t see the royalty that is associated with the kings.  Instead, we see a regular older man who is in his backyard and taking care of his own garden.  He doesn’t wear fancy clothes and he doesn’t have helpers to tend the garden.  The “down to earth” aspect of this king is very obvious.

To be honest, this card reminds me a little of myself.  If my friends would describe me, I would assume that one of the descriptions would be “down to earth”.  Yes, I am prone to shopping, I admit that.  But most of the things I buy are nothing out of the ordinary.  Plain tees, hoodies, sweat pants, jeans, etc.  I’m not very fashion conscious.  When it comes to activities or hobbies, they’re also very boring.  I like to read books, learn the tarot, rent DVDs, etc.  I’m not like the same guys my age, where they like to party and drink and play sports, or anything “normal”.  I’m kinda nerdy actually.  Sometimes when people ask me what I do on my days off, my answers tend to be boring and unusual… and they are surprised by it.

Anyway, this deck is proving to be a good meditative instrument for me.  The images are not traditional and so intuition plays a big role here.  I want to use this deck more often from now on.


PDR: Charlotte Mason Spread

Charlotte Mason

I used Tarot Dame‘s Charlotte Mason spread for my second primary deck reflection.  The format goes like this:

1.  Something to Think About – 9 of Cups

2.  Something to Do – 9 of Pentacles

3.  Something to Love – 4 of Wands

Together, the cards speak of comfortable living, fulfilled wishes and prosperity.  I love seeing all of them together.

The 9 of Cups made me think of a lot of things… One is the wish I made last Friday.  I went to Ma Durga Temple and joined the New Moon yajna (prayer chanting).  We offered fruits to the Hindu gods and wrote our wishes on a piece of paper.  We went outside, prayed to Agni (Hindu god of fire) and burnt our wish letters.  One of the requests I made is to have a peaceful family.  For us to be united and binded with love.

Another thing I want to think about is the “evil eye”.  I happen to have an evil eye apotropaic in front of my computer.  I can’t help but notice the blue eye in the genie’s torso and find the resemblance.  I never noticed it before, but now it seems prominent.  The third eye for me symbolizes the spiritual guidance.  But the evil eye on his body reminds me of spiritual protection.  I’ve been trying to do some visual meditation (for a few days now) using the “Violet Flame” and it involves invoking a tube of light around me.  The tube of light is suppose to protect the one praying from dark energies.  I need to keep this in mind all the time.

The 9 of Pentacles is something that I should do.  This is about having a luxurious lifestyle.  The lady in this picture is clothed with a beautiful dress and is surrounded with pentacles (money).  Like me, I’ve been doing some serious shopping lately, which is not good!  Traditionally, this card is about financial prosperity and abundance.  Another thing to consider is the chained pet of hers.  It’s a stone bird (or something).  The chain is about control.  This reminds me to do an actual budget.  I’ve been delaying this for a long time and I must not ignore this any longer.

The one to love is the 4 of Wands.  In this picture, I see a couple walking hand in hand towards their home.  I think this card is telling me to be thankful about my current relationship and my living situation.  I’m really blessed to have the things I need and want within reach.  I have work, a relationship, an affordable apartment… everything seems comfortable right now and I should give thanks for that.

Break Time

Yesterday, I had the most painful headache.  But I still went to work and just took some pain pills.  It was bizarre because I don’t usually get migraines or anything as painful as that.  I’m not quite sure yet what caused it but it may be from poor sleeping positions… I tend to sleep prone and I’m probably putting some strain on my neck or something.

Having said that, I didn’t attend the yoga class yesterday and today.  I felt like my body just needs a break from any physical stress.

Although I didn’t practice yesterday, I did go to Ma Durga Temple and joined the New Moon yagna.  Patrick told me about this event and invited me to go with him.  This event was about offering something to the gods and making a wish.  It was my first time to attend a Hindu ritual like that.  It was very interesting.  I like the part where we gathered outside the temple, burned Agni, and sent our wishes to the universe.  The energy felt really good.  We are planning to go again next month for the same ritual.

As for my Primary Deck Reflection… I still haven’t done one for this week.  I’m still not sure which spread to use but I’ll come up with something tomorrow.  Today is just about lounging, watching DVDs and reading books.  I also just received my Kindle yesterday and I’m so happy with it!  It’s been keeping me busy this whole afternoon.  Guess what my first e-book purchase is?  Mary K. Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card.  I wanted to go green this year and this will be a good start.  =P

Remembering my Family

I just got home from doing yoga.  It’s my third day in a row!  Congratulate me… =D

Anyway, I felt like reading with my Bohemian Gothic before going to bed so I shuffled the cards and pulled out the 10 of Cups!  At first, the picture drew a blank from me.  So I thought of the traditional meanings, like a possible family reunion or get together, and finding inner peace and happiness.

This is very unlike the usual 10 of Cups that I’m used to.  In the card’s depiction of 10 of Cups, we see a family but they are widely apart from each other.  The father is looking away from the mother and child.  The mother, on the other hand, is looking at him and possibly trying to get his attention.  Then there’s the older kid at the background, feeling neglected.  The energy shows that the family’s presence is there, but something needs to be worked out so they can bring each other closer.

This is probably out of topic (or maybe not), but my dad’s birthday is in three days.  He lives outside the country and so I can’t greet him in person on his birthday.  I’m reminded of the distance that I saw from the card.  It’s a bit sentimental really, but this is the story of my life.  Anyway, I sent something through western union today.  The guy said that it will only take a day before he can withdraw it.  I hope he likes it!

Healing with Yoga

StarI wanted to meditate on a card tonight and so I turned to my Bohemian Gothic again and shuffled the cards.  After so many shuffles and cuts, I pulled “The Star”.

Instantly, “yoga” came to mind (Doesn’t she look like she’s stretching?).  I just got home from yoga and I feel wonderful!  This is my second day of practice and it was a big step for me to come again.  I was contemplating of not going and just go home.  But then I realized that I won’t be doing anything productive anyway if I go home early so I just pushed myself in going.

I paid for a two week unlimited yoga and I want to challenge myself in going everyday.  It seems intimidating but seriously, it’s not.  I actually find the breathing and poses to be relaxing.

It’s so cliche to say that I’m doing this because it’s the new year.  But I’m really just doing this for myself.  It’s been a while since I’ve taken responsibility for my health and now I’m taking in charge again.  Yoga is in my priority right now… next will be focusing on the right diet.  I’m very hopeful that I will be in better shape again for this year.

Deck:  Bohemian Gothic Tarot by MRP



Bohemian Gothic

Bohemian Gothic Tarot


I got a few cuts from breaking a plate while washing this afternoon.  I had so much planned for today because it’s my day off, but after getting injured I just stayed home.  I’m just glad the wounds are not big or deep, or else I’ll be really in a bad mood!

Well, after taking a nap, I did a little reading to understand what happened.  And I pulled the 10 of Wands.  It’s about taking too much responsibilities.  This made sense because I was really trying to do too much today.  This morning, I did some cooking and after that, I balanced my accounts and called my bank to correct some issues.  This afternoon, I also planned on cleaning the apartment some more, wiring cash internationally, getting coffee, shopping, etc.  But of course, these things are unreasonable, as usual.  I always do this to myself.  Putting a lot of stuff in my plate.  Like in this picture, this old lady is carrying a bag that is probably heavier than herself.  I need to learn how to moderate things.

What I’m trying to say here is that, if I wasn’t being in a hurry this afternoon to crunch my schedule, this accident probably wouldn’t had happened.  Oh well, off to the local drug store to get some more band aids… (and coffee too!).  Oh and also starting my unlimited 2-week yoga tonight… (it’s ok, I can do it!).

Deck:  Bohemian Gothic Tarot by MRP

PDR: Dread Spread

Deviant Moon

This is my first entry for my Primary Deck Reflections 2010. I used the “Dread Spread” by destinyawaitsme from Aeclectic Tarot Forum. I did the spread last Thursday and the reason for picking this spread is because I was planning on coming out to some co-workers on Friday (and I did).

1.  What is the source of my dread? Ace of Wands

2.  How can I decrease my anxiety? Ten of Coins

3.  Best way to carry out dreaded action? Eight of Swords

4.  Outcome for the other party/s involved? Six of Cups

5.  Outcome for querent? Strength

Generally looking at the spread, I see a balance of suits and one major arcana card.  The major theme will be about Strength (from outside factors and within self).

1. The Ace of Wands is about embarking a new beginning with an enthusiastic and confident energy. The torch or the fire represents the drive in doing or pursuing something. The trees on her head represent her fresh and new ideas that lights her vision. The darkness suddenly doesn’t seem scary anymore. The baby that she is holding is coming out of a cocoon. Something beautiful is on its way and it’s ready to show himself, at long last. The baby is being held tightly which suggests that he will be welcomed with open arms.

Apparently, this is the source of my dread. I’m eagerly waiting to come out of my shell and tell everybody who I am, but I want to do it with caution. When my co-workers told me that they are planning a happy hour at The Abbey, I took it as a sign. It’s the safest place to come out with friends and co-workers.

2. The 10 of Pentacles is a representative of material wealth and prosperity. The card shows a father and son relationship. They are playing the game of chess and it’s the child’s turn to move. He slowly raises his hand but is unsure of his decision. He knows that once he makes a move, he can never go back and change it. This reflects a permanent decision.

The servant has a separate story but something similar. He carries the board game on his back like a burden. He steals an important piece of the game which renders it incomplete and impossible to finish. This is a burden to him and the only way to be free from this is by revealing himself to his master. But this is a huge decision for him as well. Consequences are unknown: he can be rewarded for his honesty or he can be punished for his intrusion.

To decrease my anxiety, this is suggesting me to make that big decision and stick with it. And I did. There’s no turning back now. I’m out with them, and I know this little info about me will spread like the plague. But I’m ready for it.

3. The 8 of Swords is the solution to this. This card shows a lady being pulled by the moon’s influence. She loses control and now she is about to fall out of the window and to her doom. But what’s almost unnoticeable is that daybreak is almost here and the moon’s power will soon fade. All she needs to do now is to find that extra strength left so she can survive the struggle. Maybe she should hold on to the window’s edges and have faith that it will be over soon?

This applies to my situation by accepting the inevitable. The swords represent my thoughts. Sometimes I beat myself too much that it leads to feelings of powerlessness. Maybe I will get hurt, maybe not. I forget that it’s only temporary.

4. When I saw the 6 of Cups as the outcome for my co-workers. I knew it’s going to be okay. For me, the six of cups talks about good memories. The card shows a bunch of kids enjoying a puppet show. They are enjoying each other’s company and are having a great time. I see this as my possible future with them… more events, more plans, and more fun!

5. The Strength card is my outcome for myself. It is the only major arcana in this spread. The picture shows a tall, muscular guy tackling a dangerous creature. He is unafraid of getting hurt by its sharp teeth. The creature is not giving up and so is he. It’s about developing patience and internal strength. I’m reminded by the saying, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” by Friedrich Nietzsche.