PDR: Little Cross

Little Cross

Fool = Coffee, 9 of Wands = Caffeine Crash

For my primary deck reflection this week, I used the the “Little Cross” spread.  I saw this spread mentioned at the Aeclectic Forum by Gazel.  I’ve never done a full Celtic Cross so this will be a good intro/practice for me.

The Situation:  The Fool

Interestingly enough, I pulled The Fool.  In this card, we see him playfully wading a dark unknown body of water.  He seems to be wearing some sort of sleep wear, which suggests to me that his actions were a bit impulsive.  The fishes look kind of scary and dangerous but I don’t see any signs of fear in his face… but more of curiosity and amazement.  I can interpret this card as having new unexpected discoveries through carefree and innocent motives and intentions.

I’m in a personal journey right now.  Ever since I got into tarot, I’ve become more curious as to what lies ahead for me.  Tarot is usually a tool for divination.  But more often than not, I use it for self reflection.  So far, I’ve been amazed by the outcome of my readings.  In this PDR entry, I see myself in The Fool card, where I’m treading the unknown waters of spirituality and self-understanding.  I’m so curious about many things… namely Tarot, Oracles, Magick, Meditations, Angels, Gods and Goddesses… etc.  They just seem to fascinate me!  But just like the fishes in the water, this journey can be daunting.  And by this, I must exert more effort.

The Challenge:  9 of Wands

In the 9 of Wands, I see someone who looks tired and exhausted.  His lips are pouting like he is disappointed about something… so he sits down and tries to regain his energy.  In the LWB, Patrick describes him as someone who is lost.  When he’s ready, he can just look up and see what the light from his wand has revealed… a path leading outside the maze.

This card is telling me to be stronger.  The traditional meaning for this card is perseverance.  Just like in the card, sometimes I feel drained from normal everyday routines (like work)… that I don’t even have time to do other things.  I need to constantly give myself a pep talk!  I know I can do it.  But I have to be realistic as well.  I have come to a realization that I need to create a time management.  I need to schedule a time for reading, blogging, exercising, meditating, and other hobbies (like books and catching up on TV too).  It sounds like a lot of work but it’s not impossible.  I just need to keep believing in myself.

4 thoughts on “PDR: Little Cross

  1. Hey Iceclone that spread comes from the book The Heart of the Tarot – the Two Card- Layout by Sandra A. Thomson Ed.D. She has broken down the CC to just two cards; The Situation and The Challenge – It’s a good little book and gives lots of examples as to how you can read the cards this way – let me pick one examples for you – Lets see what she offers for the Fool:

    “Drawing the Fool for the Situation position may suggest:
    a) we are just fooling around or not too serious about the situation.

    b) we don’t have a serious understanding of the issue;

    c) we are considering, or should consider, a new venture.

    Drawing the Fool as the Challenge may indicate that:

    a) we don’t have a problem at this time;

    b) we shouldn’t take ourselves or the situation so seriously; lighten up; Or conversely,
    c) we have too carefree an attitude;

    d) our situation could be the beginning of, or the impetus for , a new ‘quest’ ”

    If you like the examples she gives, I suggest you get this book it’s very useful little reference to using her two card spread.

    • Thanks for the book recommendation Helen! I will keep that in mind! As a beginner, I think this book would work for me because it focuses on reading for one’s self.

      I like the suggestions for the fool. I think I’m more in the “fooling around, not serious about the situation”. I don’t seem to have an objective goal, but a general idea on what I want… like “read and learn tarot”, “do yoga”, etc…

      Maybe I should make my goals more specific. Like “learn and master a tarot spread (Celtic Cross perhaps?)”, or “learn how to do Urdhva Dhanurasana pose (back bend)”.

  2. I loved your analogy to the coffee, Iceclone. It’s like looking in the mirror!
    Your interests are life-long studies and well worth the effort. Achieving balance and finding the time for everything is indeed a challenge, but if something is worthwhile, you find ways to do it!
    Helen, thanks for sharing that book here. It’s one I should be adding to my book wishlist.

    • I agree Leigh. If we want or like something, there’s always a way to do them… but if you don’t like something, there’s many excuses.

      Thanks for commenting on my coffee analogy… =D I just thought the fool was so energetic! Then I saw the nine of wands guy looking just the opposite. =)

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