PDR: 3 Card Reading

3 Card Reading

This weekend was quite amazing.

Yesterday, I was initiated for practicing Transcendental Meditation. I wanted to know what I would learn and benefit from it so I used a three card, non-positional spread to see what lies ahead.

Looking at the whole picture, I see the Queen of Cups and King of Wands walking in the same direction. In the third card, they are joined together by the 10 of Cups.

I see my instructor representing the Queen of Cups.  A mild-mannered and emotionally stable lady.  She will be guiding me all the way through my meditation process.  I started meditating yesterday and it’s an amazing experience.  She gave me a personal mantra and taught me the basics.  It’s really a simple process and I’m happy to receive the initiation.  I’m just wondering why I didn’t start any sooner.

I associate the King of Wands as my energy and passion in doing the Transcendental Meditation.  His branched hair is lighted in the tips, which symbolizes clarity and positive thoughts.  The kids around him look up to him as a father-figure or a role model.  I’m hoping that in the future, I will be able to attract other people or at least inspire them in trying TM.

In the 10 of Cups, I imagine the queen and king reuniting.  Their energies are now mixed, combining the masculine and feminine.  The water element and fire element now mixed together, resulting in balance.  Contentment and emotional security is a possible outcome.  This card also symbolizes a happy family.  Maybe my TM group will act as a secondary family to me.  Every month, we will do a check-in where we do a group meditation and this will be forever.  Can you imagine?  New friends and new family!

Deck: Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza