PDR: One Card Reading


7 of Pentacles

I did a “well-being spread” yesterday and this card showed up.  Today, as my card of the day, I pulled it once again.

This is one of my favorites in the DM deck.  I love anything witchy!  I even ordered an art print of it.

I see this young one testing her earth magic.  She waves her wand and touches the “dead” tree.  As she touches it, blood seeps out of it and out comes seven pentacles.  A sign of good fortune is ahead.  Her young powers are growing and she is on the right track.  The tree is still leafless and fruitless, but the blood shows that it’s still alive.  Blood to me symbolizes effort.  This means my plans should be strengthened by continuous effort… and one way of doing this is by assessing my progress.  Current projects should be evaluated and changes should be made if something is blocking it.  This time should be used for self re-assessment and re-evaluation.

So far, my 2010 is going great.  I’m still in love with learning the tarot.  I’m still doing yoga regularly.  I’m also practicing Transcendental Meditations now.  And I’m giving some time to reading books again.  My physical , mental and spiritual state is quite healthy.  I also had my annual health screening and my labs are all in check.  Blood pressure, body mass index, blood sugar and cholesterol level are all good.  I must be doing something right.

But even though everything looks good.  I shouldn’t stop making additional improvements.  Some aspects of my life (like diet, budgeting, charity, relationships) still needs some attention.  I know it will take time and patience but in time, I will figure everything out.  My new mini-project is re-starting a vision board (or book) again.  I planned on doing this last year but it never happened.  This time it will.

Deck: Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza