My cologne collection

As I was cleaning the bathroom today, I saw a number of cologne hiding under the sink.  This is a result of my cologne-obsession phase.  I used to be complimented a lot during high school and college that I smell really good.  My favorite cologne then was Hugo by Boss EDT.  They say that a cologne or perfume should match your body chemistry for it to last, and this one totally did.

For some reason, I became more sensitive to the smell of colognes as I grew older.  Just a spray is enough for me.  As my sensitivity developed, I kind of lost interest in buying any new ones.  So now, I’m looking at my stuff and I realize that I really don’t need all of these.  I’m just keeping two:  Polo Blue by RL & Aqua di Gio.  Both smells fresh and clean.  Not too much on my senses.

Things I’m letting go are:

  1. Very sexy for him 2 colonge by Victoria’s Secret
  2. Bvlgari Aqva Marine pour homme
  3. Burberry the Beat EDT
  4. Hollister Jake cologne
  5. Abercrombie and Fitch cologne
  6. Zara Man cologne
  7. Kenneth Cole Black cologne
  8. Banana Republic classic cologne
  9. Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren (my second bottle, almost finished)

I’m going to bring this to work and ask around if they want some of my colognes.  I’m sure one or two will be happy to get them.  They are hardly used, except for my second Polo Blue bottle of cologne.  So that’s it for today, 9 colognes out of my hands.  Now it’s easier to choose which cologne to apply.

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