Break Time

Yesterday, I had the most painful headache.  But I still went to work and just took some pain pills.  It was bizarre because I don’t usually get migraines or anything as painful as that.  I’m not quite sure yet what caused it but it may be from poor sleeping positions… I tend to sleep prone and I’m probably putting some strain on my neck or something.

Having said that, I didn’t attend the yoga class yesterday and today.  I felt like my body just needs a break from any physical stress.

Although I didn’t practice yesterday, I did go to Ma Durga Temple and joined the New Moon yagna.  Patrick told me about this event and invited me to go with him.  This event was about offering something to the gods and making a wish.  It was my first time to attend a Hindu ritual like that.  It was very interesting.  I like the part where we gathered outside the temple, burned Agni, and sent our wishes to the universe.  The energy felt really good.  We are planning to go again next month for the same ritual.

As for my Primary Deck Reflection… I still haven’t done one for this week.  I’m still not sure which spread to use but I’ll come up with something tomorrow.  Today is just about lounging, watching DVDs and reading books.  I also just received my Kindle yesterday and I’m so happy with it!  It’s been keeping me busy this whole afternoon.  Guess what my first e-book purchase is?  Mary K. Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card.  I wanted to go green this year and this will be a good start.  =P


The Fool’s Journey : The History and Symbolism of the Tarot

Patrick gave me a copy of the Angeleno magazine (January 2010 issue) today and I saw this up-coming event here in Los Angeles.  I almost fainted!  This is the first tarot event I will be attending this year.  I missed a few events last year but I will be on top of it this year.  Click on the Angeleno link here and turn to page 18-19 and read about it.

More info for this event is on this website:  The Craft and Folk Art Museum.

This exhibition will be curated by Tarot scholar, writer, and artist Robert M. Place.  He is the creator of several tarot decks including “The Vampire Tarot” and “Alchemical Tarot”.

More Decks

I have been very busy finishing a reading for my sister. I did a 10 card (Fairy Tale) tarot reading and a 12 card Angel Oracle reading for her. I forgot how hard it is to actually make a reading and transcribing everything on e-mail.

I’m finally getting caught up on my insane orders last month.

Here are the new addition to my tarot collection:
1. Light of the Goddess Tarot – I love the beautiful art, companion book and the velvet cloth that came with it.
2. Diary of a Broken Soul – Another dark deck in addition to my Bohemian Gothic and Shadow Oracle.
3. Hudes Tarot – I’ve heard so many good things about it, especially the Death card.
4. Ancient Tarot of Lombardy – I love the old feeling of this deck, but I’m disliking the minors.
5. Tarot of the Angels (Llewellyn) – To assist with my angel communication. It has a beautiful artwork!

Now I only have two more decks to wait for.  The Sakki-sakki and Buckland Rumini Tarot. After these babies arrive, I can finally slow down and savour them. I will do my best to cease from buying this month. Except, of course, if the new Patrick Valenza deck is released this month.

Before I end this post, I just want to mention that I’m thinking of renovating my blog. I want to upgrade my account and change the whole look. First I will try and understand CSS and HTML codes. But if this prove to be time-consuming, I will probably hire help. I haven’t started my Primary Deck Reflection posts yet but I will push myself in doing it no later than this week. Wednesday is my day off. I will use that time to actually make some reasonable goals (both tarot and personal stuff). My month is starting slow but it’s a great start nonetheless.

A Beautiful Gift


A beautiful gift from Mafalda Serrano.

I received a greeting from Mafalda Serrano with this image attachment.  What a beautiful card!  It’s such a perfect card for the up-coming Christmas and New Year.  The girl looks so peaceful and ambitious.  It looks like she’s imagining what her future holds.  Daydreaming and hoping for the best.  It’s what everybody is feeling right now since it’s the last week of the year.  Very beautiful!

I’m going to receive my “Light of the Goddess Tarot” soon.  She emailed me about the delay and that she didn’t receive a notice about my purchase.  She was glad I e-mailed her, which brought the situation to her attention.  But now everything is resolved and the deck will be shipped tomorrow!  I’m really excited about this deck.  The sample pictures online was so intriguing.  It has a Victorian feel with a little religious/spiritual touch.  I will soon know what this deck will bring me.

Just for fun, I tried the online reading.  I asked, “How should I deal with my obsession?”.  And what did I get?  “Death”.  I think I’m really going to like this deck.  Very upfront!  I’m excited to see the companion LWB.  I haven’t checked it out, but I wonder if there’s a companion book for this.  I’m seriously intrigued by this one.

More Incoming Mail

I enjoyed this day so much! It’s laid back, chill and things were flowing really good.

This morning, I received a couple more of my orders.

The first one was the “7 of Pentacles” Deviant Moon Giclee Print. As always, Patrick did a good job packaging my order. I really love that little witch in the picture. It’s cute and mysterious all at the same time.

The second package contains the “Tarot of the Pomegranate”. I opened it and I was surprised how beautiful her cards were. The major arcana cards are finished but the minors are still in progress. Along with the tarot cards and the silk bag, she also included a signed “Emperor” artwork. This made me really happy because the “Emperor” is my personality card. I’m going to have to find a frame for this little guy. I’m excited to receive the remaining cards… this will be a long journey but I’m willing to wait for them.

The third one has both the “Boltcutter Light” and “Boltcutter Dark” decks. These are limited copies from an independent design company and it was well received by the tarot community (Aeclectic). I have mixed feelings about these two decks. I’m not going to write a whole review but I’m just going to share my two cents. Personally, I don’t think the cards are flimsy and will not withstand any type of shuffling. The cards are also not uniformly cut. And if you look at the back design, the uneven cut are more obvious. The two decks came with organdy tarot bags, which I appreciate… but they both reek of cigarette smoke. It’s disgusting, considering that I’m buying them new. It’s really sad because I expected so much. I also noticed that they have used a lot of the same faces on some of the other cards. All the kings have the same face, they only differ in clothes and how long their beard is. It reminds me of “The Witch’s Tarot”. I think it was not well-thought out. Sigh. The only good thing about their deck is the beautiful artwork. I bought them for that reason and I guess, that satisfies me in some way. But as a studying and reading material, this might now be very useful to me.

And last but not the least… I finally received my “Bohemian Gothic – Hanged Man” replacement card. Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony was so kind to find me this even though it’s out of print already. I’m ever so grateful for them for doing this. They also added a signed cover card, which was a really nice surprise. Now it feels like my deck is very personalized.

After today, I’m only just waiting for my other orders: “The Maroon Tarot”, “Light of the Goddess Tarot” and 3 Baba-Studio Tarot pouches… Hopefully they will all be here by Christmas. I’m also expecting some from my bf and parents, but I’m not sure if they will pull through… LOL.

Dream Analysis with Osho


Knight of Swords

I don’t have access to my Deviant Moon deck right now, so I just borrowed Patrick’s copy of the Osho Zen.  I wanted to interpret my recent dream.  The first card, answered my question “Why am I having these dreams?”.

In this card, it definitely shows that there is some conflict going on.  A guy is completely covered in his armor and he looks like he is ready to burst from anger.  In the background, we see a shadowy figure of two people fighting with each other.

I’m beating myself too much on something that is not completely my fault.  This card is totally about internal anger or guilt.  *Sigh*  I’m really thinking that this is related to the incident last night, where I (accidentally) broke a figurine of “Santa Muerte” in one of the local stores here.  They didn’t ask me to pay for it, but I feel like I should have insisted on paying for the broken merchandise.

I wonder if I should go back and ask them again?


3 of Swords

The next card answers my question, “What should I do in this situation?”

I got the Ice-olation (or the 3 of Swords).  I noticed that the second card is also an Air suit, which hints that it’s all in my head.  The picture shows a person trapped inside a block of ice.  He is slowly freeing himself by crying.  His tears are melting the ice that covers his face… and soon, his whole body will be free too.

It’s so strange because in my dream last night, I was trapped inside this basement of some sort and there are people who are guarding the exits.  I was actually worried that I won’t be able to get out of there.  I’m thinking that this card is about forgiving yourself… or asking for forgiveness in general.  Maybe I should visit the Temple of Sante Muerte again tomorrow and make a peace offering (or something).  Or maybe a simple prayer for her will do.

Deck:  Osho Zen Tarot:  The Transcendental Game of Zen by Ma Deva Padma

Bad Dreams

Santa Muerte Candle & Statue

I woke up today with some really bad dreams. Yes, it’s plural. My dreams were lucid enough that I can try to change them, but even the new dreams were bothersome as well. I didn’t have any scary images or anything like that, but they have a negative vibe.

Yesterday, Pat and I went to visit Templo Santa Muerte (located in Santa Monica, east of Western Ave) after dinner from Kyochon. We were curious about the Saint of Death. We were browsing the many selections of statues, candles and oils.

I saw this really cool litttle statue and I asked for assistance to see it. but when he pulled it close to me, we weren’t aware that it was tied to another statue. When she handed it to me, the other one was yanked and the other one fell. I felt so bad about it.

I didn’t buy the one that broke, and they didn’t ask me to pay for it. But I did get something else to compensate their loss. I got a blue candle, a small Santa Muerte statue, a rose perfume oil, and a little Mexican tarot deck.

The Mexican deck I got has some cute pictures but it’s so thickly laminated that it’s hard to shuffle without them sticking to each other. It has no name so I’m thinking it’s a private/independent published deck. I don’t know if I should keep it or give it as a gift. I’m still thinking about it.

Anyways, I’m not sure if my dreams were related to that incident last night. I wonder if my guilt from the breakage is haunting me in my dreams. I hope it doesn’t last long.