PDR: Focus of the Week

King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles

Having the daylight’s saving time today made the day so much shorter… so I thought I’ll just do a quick and easy reading for this week.

This week will be my pay period so The King of Pentacles makes so much sense. He is the master of all things related to finances.  He looks excessively focused which can be mistaken for being stern and grumpy.  He stands tall with stable footing which shows that he is a grounded person.  His red nail-polish symbolizes his passion for his goals.  His crown is depicted by a working factory which sits in his head.  This, to me, is what keeps him going.  He is a goal-oriented person which doesn’t let any distractions get in his way.

Looking back two weeks ago… I started my budget.  So far everything is going well.  But this coming pay period, I need to make a few adjustments towards my food budget.  I think this is one of the biggest problems because I don’t usually cook.  I tend to buy stuff from the cafeteria, coffee shops, etc… and these things add up.  My “Wants” category should also be re-assessed because it’s still out of hand.  I need to harness the king’s energy so I can gain control again.


PDR: Moving Out Spread

Moving Out

I was wondering if moving out to a new apartment would be a good idea. I saw some suspicious mold growing in the bathroom and it scared me a lot! If I’m not mistaking it’s a black mold, although I’m not 100% sure. After googling what it is, it seems to be toxic to the human body. This got me worried. I have three choices, 1-clean it myself, 2-use a service, 3-move out!

I just invented a simple “moving out” spread. And this is what I ended up with:

Should I move?

Here is the 7 of Pentacles again. A witch is patiently testing her knowledge of spells. So far she’s doing something right. Pentacles started to bloom from the branches. I really see this card as an auspicious sign of good fortune. The fruits of labor will soon be realized after patience and hard work.

I can relate this card to the savings I am actually gaining from my rent right now. Living in LA, my apartment rent is quite cheap! Long story short, money is not an issue right now.

Pentacles also symbolize the physical and health matters. I think I should observe and assess my health more so now and pay particular attention to my respiratory health. Black molds can cause some serious symptoms and I don’t want ending up sick just because I saved extra dollars.

Should I not move?

In this card, I see a girl lost in the woods. She looks scared, worried and tired. She has a few bruises in her arms and legs… probably from the thorns in the woods. Sevens mean a test or a challenge. In the usual RWS, the card usually shows a man being outnumbered by 6 attackers. But in the DM, we see a more hopeful image. After being lost in the wilderness, she discovered seven magical wands that showed the way out. Her worries are now over.

Moving now seems challenging. I don’t want to get lost in the woods! Applying for a new apartment demands a lot of work, research, and money. And of course, credit checks! It’s too much right now.  I don’t think it’s the right time.  I have to postpone this for something later, but now I have to deal with my problem the old way.


What will keep my peace of mind? As the Ace of Swords, this reminds me to lessen the mental stress. I know the answer but I need to act on it. In this case, I should approach my problem with a simple action. I shouldn’t complicate things any further. So with this advice, I’m knocking down my third option, which is moving out. Maybe postpone it until later this year? Anyway, I just need to figure out if I should do the cleaning myself or just hire someone… =D

PDR: One Card Reading


7 of Pentacles

I did a “well-being spread” yesterday and this card showed up.  Today, as my card of the day, I pulled it once again.

This is one of my favorites in the DM deck.  I love anything witchy!  I even ordered an art print of it.

I see this young one testing her earth magic.  She waves her wand and touches the “dead” tree.  As she touches it, blood seeps out of it and out comes seven pentacles.  A sign of good fortune is ahead.  Her young powers are growing and she is on the right track.  The tree is still leafless and fruitless, but the blood shows that it’s still alive.  Blood to me symbolizes effort.  This means my plans should be strengthened by continuous effort… and one way of doing this is by assessing my progress.  Current projects should be evaluated and changes should be made if something is blocking it.  This time should be used for self re-assessment and re-evaluation.

So far, my 2010 is going great.  I’m still in love with learning the tarot.  I’m still doing yoga regularly.  I’m also practicing Transcendental Meditations now.  And I’m giving some time to reading books again.  My physical , mental and spiritual state is quite healthy.  I also had my annual health screening and my labs are all in check.  Blood pressure, body mass index, blood sugar and cholesterol level are all good.  I must be doing something right.

But even though everything looks good.  I shouldn’t stop making additional improvements.  Some aspects of my life (like diet, budgeting, charity, relationships) still needs some attention.  I know it will take time and patience but in time, I will figure everything out.  My new mini-project is re-starting a vision board (or book) again.  I planned on doing this last year but it never happened.  This time it will.

Deck: Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza

PDR: Mind-Body-Spirit Spread


Mind – Body – Spirit

Mind: 5 of Pentacles

This represents my current financial worries. I was looking at my spending habits this last month and I’m not very happy with my bank statements. I haven’t been buying any new tarot decks so that’s an improvement. But I still need to make some adjustments and limitations with my other purchases. I don’t wanna end up looking like the poor little girl in this card!

I recently bought Leo Babauta’s book called “The Power of Less”. It talks about living a simple life and making some new habit changes. I’ve always followed his blog and I’ve always been inspired by his view on productivity and minimalism. Maybe this is the perfect time to apply those lessons that he has been imparting in his blog and books.

Body: Ace of Swords

The ace of swords is about mental clarity. It’s a sharp tool to pierce through doubt and confusion. The angel in this card has a special glow in her. She is beautiful and she radiates with enlightening energy. The sword is one of the strongest suits, but having sharp edges, it can also be dangerous.

I have a hunch that this signifies a possible conflict within my body. I recently discovered a small patch of hair loss in the back of my head. It’s very mysterious because I don’t know what might have caused it. The only thing I can think of is that it’s stress-related. I’m currently observing it and so far it’s not getting worse. I’m keeping my positive thoughts and I know that I’m healing myself right now.

Spirit: 2 of Cups

At least my spirit looks happy. I’ve been doing Transcendental Meditation regularly for a week now and I’m starting to feel the effects. One thing I’ve noticed is that I want to do stuff. It’s like a silent motivator. After every meditation, I want to plan and accomplish things. It reminds me of the clarity involved with the ace of swords.  I also noticed an improved focus when I’m at work.  The 2 of cups just confirms that I’m doing a right thing.  It’s compatible with my needs and it’s working fine.

Deck: Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza

PDR: 3 Card Reading

3 Card Reading

This weekend was quite amazing.

Yesterday, I was initiated for practicing Transcendental Meditation. I wanted to know what I would learn and benefit from it so I used a three card, non-positional spread to see what lies ahead.

Looking at the whole picture, I see the Queen of Cups and King of Wands walking in the same direction. In the third card, they are joined together by the 10 of Cups.

I see my instructor representing the Queen of Cups.  A mild-mannered and emotionally stable lady.  She will be guiding me all the way through my meditation process.  I started meditating yesterday and it’s an amazing experience.  She gave me a personal mantra and taught me the basics.  It’s really a simple process and I’m happy to receive the initiation.  I’m just wondering why I didn’t start any sooner.

I associate the King of Wands as my energy and passion in doing the Transcendental Meditation.  His branched hair is lighted in the tips, which symbolizes clarity and positive thoughts.  The kids around him look up to him as a father-figure or a role model.  I’m hoping that in the future, I will be able to attract other people or at least inspire them in trying TM.

In the 10 of Cups, I imagine the queen and king reuniting.  Their energies are now mixed, combining the masculine and feminine.  The water element and fire element now mixed together, resulting in balance.  Contentment and emotional security is a possible outcome.  This card also symbolizes a happy family.  Maybe my TM group will act as a secondary family to me.  Every month, we will do a check-in where we do a group meditation and this will be forever.  Can you imagine?  New friends and new family!

Deck: Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza

PDR: Little Cross

Little Cross

Fool = Coffee, 9 of Wands = Caffeine Crash

For my primary deck reflection this week, I used the the “Little Cross” spread.  I saw this spread mentioned at the Aeclectic Forum by Gazel.  I’ve never done a full Celtic Cross so this will be a good intro/practice for me.

The Situation:  The Fool

Interestingly enough, I pulled The Fool.  In this card, we see him playfully wading a dark unknown body of water.  He seems to be wearing some sort of sleep wear, which suggests to me that his actions were a bit impulsive.  The fishes look kind of scary and dangerous but I don’t see any signs of fear in his face… but more of curiosity and amazement.  I can interpret this card as having new unexpected discoveries through carefree and innocent motives and intentions.

I’m in a personal journey right now.  Ever since I got into tarot, I’ve become more curious as to what lies ahead for me.  Tarot is usually a tool for divination.  But more often than not, I use it for self reflection.  So far, I’ve been amazed by the outcome of my readings.  In this PDR entry, I see myself in The Fool card, where I’m treading the unknown waters of spirituality and self-understanding.  I’m so curious about many things… namely Tarot, Oracles, Magick, Meditations, Angels, Gods and Goddesses… etc.  They just seem to fascinate me!  But just like the fishes in the water, this journey can be daunting.  And by this, I must exert more effort.

The Challenge:  9 of Wands

In the 9 of Wands, I see someone who looks tired and exhausted.  His lips are pouting like he is disappointed about something… so he sits down and tries to regain his energy.  In the LWB, Patrick describes him as someone who is lost.  When he’s ready, he can just look up and see what the light from his wand has revealed… a path leading outside the maze.

This card is telling me to be stronger.  The traditional meaning for this card is perseverance.  Just like in the card, sometimes I feel drained from normal everyday routines (like work)… that I don’t even have time to do other things.  I need to constantly give myself a pep talk!  I know I can do it.  But I have to be realistic as well.  I have come to a realization that I need to create a time management.  I need to schedule a time for reading, blogging, exercising, meditating, and other hobbies (like books and catching up on TV too).  It sounds like a lot of work but it’s not impossible.  I just need to keep believing in myself.

PDR: Starting my Client Profile

Hamilton's Reading

Hamilton's Reading

This reading is an inspiration from Tarot Eon‘s post about creating an imaginary client profile for practice readings.  His post is located here.  I also saw Helen’s comment that she used to do readings with her teddy bear… I think it’s really cute!  So…

I want to introduce Hamilton, my teddy bear.

He is from the mystical land of “The Grove”.  He is currently living a simple life, a homebody.  He considers himself a loner, but this year he wants to change that and wants to meet new friends!

He never knew his real family.  He was adopted when he was still very young.  While his step parents aren’t anywhere near him, he tries to call every now and then.  He has two brothers and a sister, but they’re all in different parts of the world now.  He misses them so much.

His hobbies include fishing, biking and people-watching.  His favorite music is Classical.

He has no experience with any tarot reading at all.  When I offered, he was very curious as to what he can learn about himself.  He has no expectations with the reading though.

He said he wants to have a general reading for now.


I decided to do a past, present, future spread for him.

Past – 2 of Swords:  You were in a situation where you had to decide on something really important to you.  The process took so much energy which exhausted you to a point where the decision took longer than it should be.  The consequences were so grave and you were afraid to make a mistake.

Present – 4 of Wands:  Whatever you chose in the past, it led you in the right direction.  You are now in a a better and stable life.  You found a nice home for yourself.  You said you wanted to meet new friends, and I think that will come sooner than you think.  A new partnership is a possibility.

Future – The World:  The future is looking bright for you.  Plans and projects will come to a conclusion and new ones will arrive.  You will be supported by your friends and family.  A celebration of some sort is on its way.  Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re obviously on the right path.  You will soon find the happiness you are looking for.

I drew a card from my “Deck of Shadows” oracle as an extra clarification or advice.  I drew “Dreams” which has the keywords Wishes, Guidance and Desire.  The symbol for this card is a star.  This card is telling you to keep dreaming.  Everything is possible and within reach.  The world is full of miracles!  Don’t let things get in between you and your fantasy.  Keep motivating yourself.  With strength and focus, nothing will be ever stop you.

He seems excited with his future, especially with the upcoming partnership that I mentioned .  So many possibilities for him.  Now he wants more readings from me…  I’m glad he enjoyed it!

Decks:  Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza and The Deck of Shadows by Scott Grosberg