PDR: Moving Out Spread

Moving Out

I was wondering if moving out to a new apartment would be a good idea. I saw some suspicious mold growing in the bathroom and it scared me a lot! If I’m not mistaking it’s a black mold, although I’m not 100% sure. After googling what it is, it seems to be toxic to the human body. This got me worried. I have three choices, 1-clean it myself, 2-use a service, 3-move out!

I just invented a simple “moving out” spread. And this is what I ended up with:

Should I move?

Here is the 7 of Pentacles again. A witch is patiently testing her knowledge of spells. So far she’s doing something right. Pentacles started to bloom from the branches. I really see this card as an auspicious sign of good fortune. The fruits of labor will soon be realized after patience and hard work.

I can relate this card to the savings I am actually gaining from my rent right now. Living in LA, my apartment rent is quite cheap! Long story short, money is not an issue right now.

Pentacles also symbolize the physical and health matters. I think I should observe and assess my health more so now and pay particular attention to my respiratory health. Black molds can cause some serious symptoms and I don’t want ending up sick just because I saved extra dollars.

Should I not move?

In this card, I see a girl lost in the woods. She looks scared, worried and tired. She has a few bruises in her arms and legs… probably from the thorns in the woods. Sevens mean a test or a challenge. In the usual RWS, the card usually shows a man being outnumbered by 6 attackers. But in the DM, we see a more hopeful image. After being lost in the wilderness, she discovered seven magical wands that showed the way out. Her worries are now over.

Moving now seems challenging. I don’t want to get lost in the woods! Applying for a new apartment demands a lot of work, research, and money. And of course, credit checks! It’s too much right now.  I don’t think it’s the right time.  I have to postpone this for something later, but now I have to deal with my problem the old way.


What will keep my peace of mind? As the Ace of Swords, this reminds me to lessen the mental stress. I know the answer but I need to act on it. In this case, I should approach my problem with a simple action. I shouldn’t complicate things any further. So with this advice, I’m knocking down my third option, which is moving out. Maybe postpone it until later this year? Anyway, I just need to figure out if I should do the cleaning myself or just hire someone… =D


Silly Confrontations

I’m using my Baroque Bohemian Cat’s Tarot by MRP for this week.  This was given to me by Patrick so this deck holds special to me.  I shuffled it multiple times and this morning, I pulled the 7 of Wands.  Not one of my favorites.  I just saw this from my last PDR spread and now here it is again, but from a different deck.

The picture shows a cat defending himself from attackers.  He is on a balcony and there is a dividing gate between him and the six of wands… this gives him some sort of protection and advantage.  As the the offenders come closer, he waves his wand in a defensive manner.  Beside him, there is a statue of two kids that seems to be fighting.

Today, I had two “not so pleasant” experiences.  One was a notice from my bank about a late fee.  It was just last Friday and so I called customer service if they can waive it.  They said they don’t do courtesy waiving of fees anymore.  I told them I’m a good customer, etc. but they still gave me a hard time.  It was a losing battle for me.  And when I thought it was over, I had a little confrontation with a sales lady tonight.  I parked my car in a lot outside Massage Envy and I closed one car from exiting.  I was meaning to leave my keys to the front desk so they can valet if someone moves.  But they told me they don’t do that anymore and it’s best to find a side street parking instead.  So I went back to my car and found this outraged sales lady… long story short, we had a little quarrel… she even told me she called the towing company!  I was out only for a few minutes… my gosh!  That kinda ruined my massage… So annoying…

Anyways, I’m OK now.  The night is getting better and our friend invited us for dinner… everything is well again.  I hope tomorrow is somewhat quieter.

Short & Sweet


Super quick interpretation:

A down-to-earth woman will challenge my skills, but my love for my work will impress her.

I was orienting with this traveler and she was testing me from the time she met me.  It was a bit annoying but what can I do?  I’m the new guy.  Of course they will test what I know.  I just need to be more patient with myself (and others) and just do what I know is right.  At the end of the day, I grew on her and she gave me some stuff on what to expect on this new workplace.  It was sad when I learned that her contract was about to end in two days time.  Oh well.