Monday Off

Fey Tarot

The Devil - Fey Tarot

I’m using The Fey Tarot for this week.  I’m really liking the images in this deck.  I do not have the companion book so I’m gonna have to make real use of my intuition here.

I’m happy to say that I’m not working this Monday. I have all the time to do chores and errands. I’m surprised to see The Devil for this day because I feel like I’m in the mood for accomplishing a lot of things today.

The picture shows a goofy-looking Devil.  His body is in flames and his eyes are wide open.  He looks very enthusiastic in what he is doing.  Is he eating those trees? Is he eating too much? This card may actually imply unhealthy eating habits… Gluttony perhaps?  I guess, that’s one way of describing this card.  This actually reminded me of my lunch yesterday with Patrick and Debbie at Din Tai Fung Dumpling House.  We indulged ourselves with all the goodness.  And yes, I felt kinda sick afterwards from being so full!

I looked up the LWB and it mentioned something about deceit and stupidity. LOL. I’m thinking that this is involving my unrealistic “to do” list again. The Devil, for me, seems to come up every time I have to do something serious. I have a feeling that this card is about temptations and distractions. What are the distractions for today? Probably the internet and possibly procrastination. Ok, that being said… I have to stop right now and go on with my day!  Have a good week everybody!


Update & Note to self: The Devil may also mean impulsive buying and overspending. Just had my Deviant Moon prints custom-framed and I think I overdid it. Oh well… still a happy camper here. I deserve good things! =D

Deck: The Fey Tarot by Riccardo Minetti


Defying my Guide

Archeon Tarot

9 of Cups - Archeon Tarot

I was thinking of upgrading my cellphone to the iPhone 3G S. But before going to the Apple Store, I consulted my cards and asked, “What is the wisdom of owning the iPhone right now?”. Lo and behold, I got the 9 of Cups! I was ecstatic!

So I went to the Apple Store (The Grove branch) and asked someone to explain the new updates to the software. I was impressed by a lot of things… from the maps, cut & paste ability, to the “find iphone” function when it gets lost. Definitely a must buy. So I went ahead and said I want one. Sadly though, he said I am not eligible for the discounted price of $199 (for the 16 Gig)…. if I want one right now, I have to pay the full and no-contract price of $399! No way!

The reason for this is that I just bought a Blackberry Bold five months ago. But that model had so many issues that I just gave up on it. They even gave me a refurbished one as a replacement but with the same problems! I’m over it. Now, I’m just using a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone (W995).

So even though my cards are telling me that the iPhone is going to give me contentment and happiness… I will have to ignore it for now. It’s just too pricey. I’m willing to wait nine months. It’s not an emergency anyway. And in another note, the 9 of Cups has a shadow meaning of over-indulgence… so in a way, I’m considering the fact that an iPhone is a luxurious property. If I buy it, my monthly cellphone bill will go up to $110-120… and I’m not really ready for this. I’d rather use that $30 for a new tarot deck! LOL.

Deck: Archeon Tarot by Timothy Lantz

Thanksgiving Reading

Archeon Tarot

My Thanksgiving was very simple. I spent the day driving around with Patrick. We were suppose to checkout a park in Tujunga but the road there was closed. We ended up driving around the neighborhood and ended up passing through Mullholand drive. It was a quick jaunt. Along the way, we saw a ranch with a camel and a zebra and it was just amazing! Especially that camel! I don’t know why, but that camel made us laugh and it made our trip memorable. He just looks so monstrous but goofy! I wish I had a picture, but I think it was a Bactrian Camel.

That night, a few of my friends came to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Paul baked some really good pumpkin pies. Will and Bill bought some wine for us. And Jen and Hazel brought an “ube” cake from Red Ribbon. It was a lovely and peaceful night. After that we just watched an episode of Glee and some funny clips from SNL and Youtube. It was fun!

Anyway, I made a spread that night on what to thank for for this year.  I mentally assigned the positions of the cards prior to drawing them.

Six of Wands – Represents my friends.
The spears in this card are raised and the helmets are nothing but extraordinary. The lady is proud and happy in her position right now.  I see this card as winning new friends over.  During my travel assignments to Los Angeles and Oakland, I have met some really interesting new people.  I would never have known them if I didn’t pursue my travel career.  Now I have expanded my social circle from Phoenix, to Southern and Northern California.  I’m very grateful for that!  And also, I’m having some new online friends here through blogging and the tarot community (Aeclectic)… although I don’t see you guys, I feel like I’m connected with you in some level.  I’m happy to learn with you and share with you my tarot journey.

The Tower – Represents my family.
Fire erupts from the windows of the Tower. The lady in the picture is outside… safe but still in shock of the disaster. I’m assuming that it was her house that was caught on fire. She looks distressed and her body language seems to express, “What now?”. I don’t know if I have mentioned this in my previous posts… but I just came out to my mom several months ago. It brought some repressed emotions between me and my mom. It was a big change that just needs to happen. I’m tired of the fake peace that I had before. What I needed was to shake that peace with the truth. Now I feel much better and I’m happy that I have their support. I feel like we’re now picking up the pieces and building a more truthful relationship.

The King of Pentacles – Represents my work.
He is a proud and experienced king. He knows his way around business or anything money-related issues. This is related to me in that I have a better understanding of the differences between having a full time job and a travel career. They both have pros and cons. And now that I have experienced both, I feel more confident in showing my skills. This card is a good sign that I’m in the right path (or hospital) right now because he seems to be a sign of contentment also. He is the highest of the courts (in the pentacles) so it must also be saying that I will be learning more things for this year.

Leaving the Fantasy

Archeon Tarot

Whenever I see the 6 of Swords, I always associate it with traveling or leaving something behind. In the picture, the boat seems to be sailing away from the swords. The swords mean conflict or problem, so in my interpretation I can safely say that the situation will soon be at ease. It’s a time of moving on and looking at the future instead of focusing on the past.

The 7 of Cups is a card of fantasy and day-dreaming. In this card, we see a woman riding a mystical flying horse (Pegasus, perhaps?). She is looking back at the beautiful cups behind her. Are these temptations? Or is she just admiring them? In the RWS, these cups are filled with different goodies. They are mixed with ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ or ‘fantasy’ and ‘reality’! We just need to practice objectivity and choose which one to pick. So easily said than done.

I hate to say this but my obsession with buying decks are slowly coming to a halt. Not completely, but slowly. Like the 6 of Swords, my obsession is slowly leaving. At first, I had a lot in my wish list… but now, I feel like narrowing it down to just a few. I’m still curious about OOP decks but I’m not out there looking to buy all of them. So far, the biggest weight on my wish list are the Victorian Romantic, William Blake Tarot, The Alchemical Tarot and Tarot of Durer. Just recently acquired my Waking with the Wild Spirit Tarot and I’m loving the artwork, although I think I will delay studying it. The Bohemian Gothic will soon be in my hands and I think that deck will calm me down until next month…. LOL. But by next month, I will really put a leash on it. This month’s spending spree is over.

Deck: Archeon Tarot by Timothy Lantz

Chit-chat with Rizal

Archeon Tarot

This is a silly exercise from “What’s in the Cards for You?” by Mark McElroy. =D

The exercise asked to choose a historical figure that I admire. In this case, I chose the national hero of The Philippines.  Let’s hear it for Jose Rizal!

Using my Archeon Tarot, I pulled a three card spread so I can learn something from him.

The 6 of Cups answered my question, “What was your motivation to save our country?”  This card, amazingly, shows a masked performer with a scroll behind him.  This is not a surprise because Jose Rizal is a well known writer/novelist.  He used his talent in arts and literature to reach the public and open their minds.  During that time, my country was oppressed by the Spaniards.  The books that he have written angered them but it also created hope to Filipinos.  This ultimately lead to a revolution, which was a big step towards our freedom!

The 8 of Wands is something that he have learned.  In the picture, we see an angel with her wings spread wide open.  This symbolizes the feeling of freedom.  The element for this card is fire, which symbolizes progress and development.  He has a dedicated soul and never gave up on inspiring us.  He was a true student and explored various fields of study like medicine, arts, literature, architecture, etc.  He mastered a number of languages like German, Greek, English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, etc.

The third is his tip to improve my life.  In this card, we see the Knight of Pentacles in full armour.  He is known to be the protector.  He is someone we can all depend on in times of need.  I guess this card is telling me to become more available to the people I care for (my friends and family).  Sometimes I let life get in the way and become distant to them.  Being busy is not an excuse.  I should be this knight to them… someone they can look up to and be proud of.

Deck:  Archeon Tarot by Timothy Lantz



8 of Cups - Archeon Tarot

I wanted to know what I should reflect on tonight and the 8 of Cups jumped out while I was shuffling. Sometimes I don’t know if my guides are really doing this or maybe it’s just from poor shuffling. But either way, I’m going to interpret this card nonetheless.

To change the feel of my reading, I’m jumping from a colorful deck to a dark deck.  I’ve had the Archeon Tarot for a while so I’m giving it a go this week.

This card shows a veiled lady looking at the falling or floating 8 of Cups.  She is rather emotionless… or maybe she just don’t care anymore.  The atmosphere is very dream-like.  I’m guessing that this is set in space because I can see a planet and a constellation of stars.

Usually this card talks about letting go of a certain idea or situation.  It’s about moving on and leaving the past behind.  If this picture can talk, it would say, “Just leave it to the universe…”.  I think this card is telling us to stop worrying anymore and just let life take its course.  Maybe these cups are meant to be left floating in space so we can find or create new ones… better ones.

I’m thinking that this card relates to me on how I am dealing with my aunt right now.  I’m still partially indifferent to her because of our past disagreements.  I think I should just let it be and allow forgiveness.  What has been done has been done.  What has been said has been said.  Like in this card, I can’t do anything anymore but move on.

Deck:  Archeon Tarot by Timothy Lantz

Practicality, really?


Queen of Pentacles - Phoenix Tarot

Today was a very nice day. Saturday should always be like this. First we had brunch at Max’s (Filipino Restaurant), then we went to Brand Bookstore, then we browsed some cars at a MINI dealership, followed by a little drive, then ending it with a dinner at BJ’s Restaurant in Glendale.

I did my tarot reading just when I got home and I asked the cards what I should learn from the events of today, and I got the Queen of Pentacles.

The picture shows the Queen dressed in a pastel pink gown.  She portrays simplicity and plain/natural beauty.  She is holding and admiring a huge pentacle in her arms.  She certainly knows how to appreciate art.  She is also surrounded by lush green grass (symbolizing money) and blossoming flowers (symbolizing femininity).

I can see how she was reflected today on my trip to the Brand Bookstore.  It was a used bookstore with a variety of choices.  I particularly like the section at the back where it has psychology, sexuality, witchcraft, tarot, etc.  I saw these good deals on tarot resource books so I snatched them!  I bought two.  One is the “Introduction to Tarot”, which uses both the RWS and Thoth imagery.  The second book is “Tarot Plain and Simple”, which uses the Robin Wood pictures.  For half the price, it’s a good deal!

To quote Thirteen’s meaning on this card, “Her accounting is scrupulous, but that doesn’t mean she’s afraid to spend. She loves beautiful things and has an artist’s eye.” I can definitely relate to this when it comes to some tarot decks.  Just today, a new China-print Deviant Moon is available for purchasing and I just can’t say no to it even though I just ordered my Bohemian Gothic from the trading section.  Oh, poor bank account!  But it’s ok… this week is payday!

Deck:  Phoenix Tarot by Paola Angelotti